First Alpha Protocol review comes in

The first review is in, from Spanish magazine PlayMania (issue 127). The review is that the game is great, scoring a 88 out of a hundred.

Graphics -> 80 – The exteriors are not so bad but the models and their animations are far from perfect.
Sound -> 90 – Appropriate soundtrack.
Diversity -> 89 – Even though it’s the same game, there are many possibilities when it comes to customizing your character and deciding how to play.
Duration -> 90 – The replayability factor is really high. You can play Alpha Protocol a lot of times without experiencing the same adventure.

Overall -> 88 – A spy role playing game that succeeds in blending action with stealth and gives players a high degree of freedom in choosing how they want to proceed.

Game comes out on June 1st in America, you can pre-order it on Amazon [360 PS3PC] and save yourself a few bucks.

[Source: Free-PC-Guides]


8 responses to “First Alpha Protocol review comes in

  1. Monkeroony says:

    That's much better than I was expecting.

    I still think the metacritic score for this will be between 65-70%

  2. Dereck says:

    I guess it would need a spaceship or a dragon for you to acknowledge a rating above 80. I see no reason why it should be rated lower.

  3. ayreon says:

    official review has just been published at

  4. ayreon says:

    First video review has been out! (7.5/10)

    LOL, should be 9/10 at least! Fantastic story!

  5. ayreon says:

    What's the score, eh, GameSpot?

    Alpha protocol score at Gamespot LOOOL 🙂

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