SEGAbits All-Stars: Goro Mihashi

Shenmonth continues with a new segment called SEGAbits All-Stars! Unlike the similarly named ‘SEGA All-Stars’ series of games, SEGAbits All-Stars will highlight the underdogs of the SEGAverse. The characters who weren’t the star of a game, nor were they playable, but they still made enough of an impact to be memorable.

Gotta take a leak before reading more? You should probably hold it in, because our first SEGAbits All-Star knows all the best spots to relieve oneself.

Goro Mihashi could be called the anti-Ryo, as being the same age as Shenmue’s hero is about the only similarity between the two. Goro was loud, brash, violent and in love. Like Ryo, Goro was not in high school. However unlike Ryo, Goro didn’t make the decision on his own. He was expelled. A lack of schooling and morals led to Goro making his living at the harbor, under the name of “Harbor Goro”. Rather than making a decent living off of forklift driving, Goro suckered money out of locals through extortion. Sounds like our kind of All-Star!

Despite his spotty past, Goro is a real cool dude. His greaser pompadour, wild purple shirt and denim outfit complimented by his bizzare motions and wacky theme tune made for some outrageous and memorable cutscenes. Only a man like Goro could make something as simple as saying “hello” entertaining.

Goro was first encountered as an enemy, but after being easily overpowered by Ryo, Goro started to show his friendly side. As the story of Shenmue continued, it was revealed that Goro wasn’t such a bad guy after all! He got Ryo a job as a forklift driver and even gave Ryo advice about the Mad Angels. “Don’t say that name so loud, bro!” As Goro’s story drew to a close, we found out that not only was he in love with a local girl, but that he planned to marry her and have enough children to form his own baseball team! If that’s not an All-Star, then I dont know what is. Goro Mihashi, we salute you!

BONUS: A free SEGAbits All-Star trading card! Print it out, eh? Fold it in half, bro! OH YEAH OH YEAH!

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4 responses to “SEGAbits All-Stars: Goro Mihashi

  1. fluffymoochicken says:

    I like this All-Stars idea. ^__^

    But god, that English voice acting is so godawful. x__x I wonder if in Japanese, he said a phrase like "Aniki!!" instead of "YOOOO DUUUUDE!". He sounds like ShadowLegend when he says that. They should have left in the Japanese voices.

  2. Naw man! English Goro is 10x crazier! I'd like to know who the English VA was…

  3. Pao says:

    The English voice acting was magical and charming, screw the haters.

    Yo duuude >> Aniki!.

  4. JoeMusashi says:

    Pretty cool…I totally forgot about him.

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