Gunblade NY & LA Machine Guns Wii box art

Here is the American box art for SEGA’s compilation of Gunblade NY/LA Machine Guns for the Nintendo Wii. I guess it gets the job done, even has bullets all over the cover, you know what you are in for.

The box art also says it will support Nintendo’s Wifi. I assume its for  online leaderboards. That should be fun.

[Via: Aussie-Nintendo]


2 responses to “Gunblade NY & LA Machine Guns Wii box art

  1. SOUP says:

    Can't wait 😀

  2. SufferLikeGDid says:

    I think this box art does the two games justice. They didn't have to add the copious amounts of bullets but all that ammo just make it even better.


    I can't wait either.

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