SEGA Sammy Visual Entertainment changes name, new project

(One of the first images for the pilot)

SEGA Sammy Visual Entertainment has announced that they are changing their name to “Marza Animation Planet“. So “Marza” is not the name of the new title they are working on, but actually the name of their studio now.

Marza Animation Planet have just completed a pilot for Toei, their pilot is a CGI adaptation of the Space Pirate Captain Harlock manga. The pilot was directed by Shinji Aramaki (Apple Seed), characters designed by Yutaka Minowa (Ninja Scroll) and written by Harutoshi Fukui (Mobile Suit Gundam UC).

More details will be announced about the pilot in this week’s Tokyo International Anime Fair.

[Thanks: Liam & F-D_M via E-mail]


4 responses to “SEGA Sammy Visual Entertainment changes name, new project

  1. Pao says:

    OMG Space Pirate Captain Harlock!

    This is absolute Win.

  2. Sharky says:

    Liked the original name better…

    Never heard of Space Pirate Captain Harlock.

  3. Suzuki Yu says:

    check this out
    it seems that there is a Competition by MARZA for an original story between June 28th to July 30th ..

  4. F-D_M says:

    The Tokio International Anime Fair has already taken 25 to 28 March 2010 😉

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