Marza’s teaser trailer for Captain Harlock feature

For those eagerly awaiting a trailer of Marza (Former Visual Entertainment, known for the recent Sonic intros and Curse of the Werehog) latest work, the wait is finally over.  Above you will find a teaser trailer for Space Pirate Captain Harlock, based on the popular Japanese comic series, sporting impressive visuals and showing flying spaceships and boat invasions.  Currently there has been no announcement for when the film will be released.

Thanks to Pao for the tipoff.


3 responses to “Marza’s teaser trailer for Captain Harlock feature

  1. Sybnios says:

    HOLY BRAINS IN A BLENDER! I would love the audio to be in Japanese though!!

  2. cube_b3 says:


    That is very interesting but I am not into the post apocalyptic sci-fi stuff.

    Let's get a clear trailer and then we'llworry about it.

  3. Sharky says:

    Looks good… Like Skies of Arcadia in space.

    VA is a bit cheesey, then again it IS Japanese.

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