Nagoshi speaks his mind about 3DS

Nagoshi isn’t afraid of saying what he thinks. He has stated that since the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo has pursued their video game consoles to be more toys than entertainment machines. He has suggested that he wants to pitch a few games for the newest handheld. Hopefully the new games aren’t Yakuza related.

“If future portable game machines demand that both social aspects and immersion be satisfied for when you play multiplayer and single player for instance, 3DS firmly answers these with Wi-Fi and 3D. I’d like to make a variety of proposals.”

Well, I guess its not that bad of a comment. Though, DS also had Wifi. Has Nagoshi used that? Read what other developers had to say over at andriasang.


4 responses to “Nagoshi speaks his mind about 3DS

  1. cube_b3 says:

    He bought a Wii before he bought a PS3, and found it a good match for his games the first time he saw it.

    When did he call it a toy more than entertainment machines?

    Also I forgot how perfectly normal he used to look before Yakuza.

  2. George says:

    It says it in the source link, he has also stated is mostly for kids, hence Super Monkey ball game being his only game on the format.

    Then saying that kids are too soft and that is why he is making his 'BRUTAL' Yakuza game.

  3. Sega Stylista says:

    Please join me in fostering the hate wave that will kill portables whether they are from Sony or Nintendo.

    Portables are for children and man-children and I suppose he is only thinking of making SMB 3D incarnations for Sega, as far as 3DS, as it is no secret his theme behind Yakuza is man-up.

    I don't think it is too hard to accurately conclude that Nagoshi is a big time Nintendo/Wii/DS hater.

  4. Orta says:

    That is some seriously old Nagoshi photo.

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