New Pink Wisp Ahoy!

Sega today revealed a brand new WISP! This is the pink wisp as you can probably tell! He is exclusive to the Wii version of Sonic Colours and gives Sonic the power to roll on any surface! That includes up walls and on the roof!

I’m totally down with this power up idea actually… It gives Sonic more variety with out being overbearing like some of the previous gimmicks and opens up a lot more interesting game play.

For more indepth infomation please head over to the official Sega blog HERE!


2 responses to “New Pink Wisp Ahoy!

  1. Sega Uranus says:

    Kind of like Espio in Chaotix… I like it. Best one yet.

  2. Shigs says:

    Bad news is…he's a suppository.

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