Leak: SEGA planning Sonic Colors Ultimate for Switch, PS4 and Xbox

Twitter user @Kutairo_ discovered an interesting listing on the website for the German dubbing studio for Sonic games. Under 2020 is project titled Sonic Colours Remaster, and additional details state December 20, 2020 as the project date and the category as “Game Localization – SIDE – SEGA”. At the moment, the project is still listed, so this is looking legit. But, to be on the safe side we are filing this under rumor until more details are known.

A Sonic Colors remaster would make a lot of sense, given it is one of the few Sonic games to not see a release outside its original console. The 2010 Wii release was a hit with fans, and the game is deserving of more exposure, so here’s hoping the remaster is real and perhaps we see Sonic Colors debuting on all major platforms alongside more 2D and 3D Sonic games in time for the 30th anniversary.

Update: The German dubbing website iksample.de is now down, no doubt to remove the leaked information. We did, however, save a screenshot which can be seen after the break.

Additionally, The Sonic Stadium is reporting that French online game retailer Sogamely had listed Sonic Colors for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One priced at €35 (about $40 US) and titled Sonic Colors Ultimate – Limited Edition. As such, we are shifting this from “Rumor” to “Leak”.

SEGA Talk Podcast #60: Sonic Colors (2010)

On this Christmas Day episode, George and Barry celebrate the tenth anniversary of Sonic Colors with a special look back at the game and the impact it made on the franchise. This is also our 60th episode, and the last episode of 2020 which happens to be SEGA’s 60th anniversary!

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Celebrating Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary with 25 great underrated moments

sonic 25 headerSEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise turns 25 today, and while we’ve celebrated franchise milestone years in the past, there is something really special about this one. A quarter of a century is a long time, and it is a testament to SEGA’s perseverance and the devotion of the Sonic fanbase that the franchise is still going strong. Sonic Lost World and the Sonic Boom franchise – particularly the games – are often pinpointed as the franchise’s recent weak points and signs that the franchise as a whole needs to be put down or at the very least take a long break. While I am not here to debate the merits of Sonic Lost World and Sonic Boom, I will say that to end a series or take a long break because of either is both incredibly shortsighted and far too extreme a reaction. I would also argue that Sonic is about much more than just the main series games, as fans like to label the major titles, and that there has always been great Sonic things happening even during the franchise’s darkest years.

In celebration of 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog, join me in looking back year-by-year as I shine the light on great moments in Sonic history that more people need to be talking about.

Jimquisition discusses Sonic trying too hard to be cool

The new Jimquisition is being posted here because one of the characters he discusses on this video is Sonic. How Sonic’s way of being cool is outdated, thus is lame in new games when he walks around going “Dude, totally awesome Tails!”

In an odd way, I agree with this part. I disagree with what he says after. He suggests that SEGA make Sonic a joke, you know, a character that doesn’t try to take himself seriously. I think this is a mistake. The whole “Dude I’m totally cool” was basically marketing stuff and I think a silent Sonic is the best medicine.

Sonic’s design is timeless. It will always look awesome. His attitude is best left like it was in the classics, a silent picture.

Sega Invites Destructoid Over For Cake

Sega continues to heckle Destructoid over Jim Sterling’s review of Sonic Colours by inviting Jon Carnage to Sega of Americas HQ and awarding Destructoid with a 4.5 cake.

Jim Sterling gave Sonic Colours a 4.5/10 while the average score was around the 8/10 mark amongst other (better) critics.

Recently Sega also sent Jim Sterling a review copy of Sonic Colours DS with a picture of Sterling depicted as a troll stuck to the cover. Not satisfied with that, Sega also sent him a giant poster of Sonic Colours after his (pretty terrible) review hit the net.

I think Sega have handled a rather poor review pretty well, showing they have a sense of humour and taking a few digs at Destructoid along the way. If anything I think it shows good faith in their product.
Well played Sega.

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Sonic Colours climbs up UK charts

Sonic Colours has jumped from its 36th place last week to a better standing at number 18. That it is right, cracked the top 20. As for Sonic Free Riders, that debuted last week right below Sonic Colours, it has dropped off the charts completely.

SEGA’s true and blue Football Manager series came in one spot lower than Sonic Colours for the week at number 19th. Still doing pretty solid and staying in the top 20.

[Source: GFK Charts]

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Sonic Colours not off to a good start in the UK

Sonic Colours came out on Novemeber 12th, this chart ended on the 13th, so its only accounting for first day of sales, so take them as you will. If you see the Wii only games chart, it came in at number 11, being outsold bygames like Mario Galaxy 2, The X Factor and Sims 3. The game is way lower in the all format charts, came in at number 36, two spots higher than Sonic Free Riders.

Hopefully it sparks more fire next week on the charts, since these are really just ‘one day sales’, it is hard for the title to chart high. But hey, at least Football Manager 11 is rocking those charts.

[Source: Chart-Track]

SEGA helps raise awareness of declining hedgehog population

Did you know there is a decline of hedgehogs? 300,000 less hedgehogs in Britain than there where 10 years ago. 50,000 of them are killed on roads every year. Now there is a charity, lead by David Wembridge to raise awareness about this issue. They are even teaming up with SEGA.

“The level of our concern about hedgehog numbers is growing because of the mounting evidence of decline in their population. All the indications are that something is going wrong and that in a few decades time, the hedgehog might be under threat as a species.” David Wembridge

SEGA set up a ‘hedgehog road crossing’ in Twickenham, which just happens to match up with the release of Sonic Colors. Can you mark ‘advertising’ as ‘charity’ off of tax forms? Wait, do Europeans pay taxes?

[Source: Dailymail]

Sonic Colors Cutscene Featuring the NEW Voices

Courtesy of Sonic Wrecks, Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro comes the first publicly shown video of a Sonic Colors cutscene complete with dialogue! Personally, I think it’s an all around improvement over the past couple of games. Definitely beats out Heroes and ’06, and is a bit better than Unleashed despite the lack of HD visuals. Tails sounds like a boy once again, and Sonic is… different. But not worse! I’ll have to see more of the game before making a concrete decision. Bonus points for Sonic performing the Moonwalk.

[Source: Sonic Wrecks YouTube account]

Sonic Color gets interactive flash website

SEGAhas launched the website for Sonic Colors, it has a Wisp scavenger hunt. You will be able to find them once you click around the planets and such. After you click on one, you get a screenshot of the game.

It also has music from the game, so remember to turn down your speakers. The official site can be found here.

SEGA talks fall line up and sales expectations

SEGA released some big hits in the beginning of the year, but so far hasn’t really set the charts on fire during the last few months.

But SEGA expects to do big numbers this Fall. New SEGA Europe boss, Jurgen Post, spoke about the latest SEGA titles and their expectations. SEGA wants to have a 10% attach rate for Sonic  Free Riders, he says the game’s success will depend on its hardware (Kinect).