Sonic Colors – Act 1 Planet Wisp complete playthrough [update]

Kotaku had SEGA America community manager Aaron Webber play through the first act of Planet Wisp for them at PAX. This video is a change of pace from other Sonic Colors gameplay videos as of recently. RubyEclipse is an expert at this game. As you can see from the gameplay footage, Sonic Colors looks a lot like Sonic Unleashed.

[Source: Kotaku AU]

Edit: Here is another video, it is much clearer in quality but the player isn’t as good. Hit the jump to see it.


3 responses to “Sonic Colors – Act 1 Planet Wisp complete playthrough [update]

  1. Autosaver says:

    Nice stuff.

  2. Radrappy says:

    I've seen a few people flub up that rail switch which leaves me a little worried. I wonder why they changed it from Sonic Unleashed where it was always 100% successful with the touch of the R/L trigger.

  3. Autosaver says:

    RadRappy, theres less buttons for the WiiRemote/Nunchuk.

    Using a Gamecube or Classic Controller may fix that problem.

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