SEGA’s PAX Party

Got some video from the event, which will be going up later, but I thought I’d post the picture above just to illustrate the awesomeness. Unfortunately, the lighting screwed this group pic to hell.

This is the Squad 7 cosplay group.  SEGA moderator STH met them at this years Sakuracon, and they came to Seattle specifically for this party! They are an awesome bunch of folks to, I might add. People have apparently even confused them for official SEGA cosplayers!


3 responses to “SEGA’s PAX Party

  1. George says:

    Tried lighting it up via Photoshop. Its a bit better. How drunk where you?

  2. nuckles87 says:

    Don't drink >_>. But I was running on an hour of sleep after two plane rides so I might as well have been.

  3. Sharky says:

    Pro-tip, when you take a picture make sure there are no lights or reflective shit behind you.

    How am i supposed to fap over this?

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