Outrun Online Arcade pulled from PSN

I think we finally got some light as to why Outrun Online Arcade never came out in the US on PSN, since SEGA has now pulled it from the European PSN store after 18 months on the market. Has to do with licensing issues with Ferrari.

“Due to the expiry of the contract with Ferrari, Outrun Online Arcade will remain offline on PSN but will still be available on XBLA until Dec 2011,” – SEGA Rep

Could have gave us a bit of a warning, right? Seems that the license is still OK for Xbox, all the way till 2011. Though, from the sound of the quote, SEGA does not plan on re-licensing the brand and this probably means no more Outrun. Shame.

[Via MCV]

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7 responses to “Outrun Online Arcade pulled from PSN

  1. Orta says:

    Might have to do with that shitty simulator that appeared on PSN not so long ago.

  2. crackdude says:

    What Orta said. A new Ferrari game came out on PSN this week.

    No new Outrun [i]for now[/i].

  3. George says:

    Yeah, it also came out on XBLA recently. Sucks really.

  4. SOUP says:

    I asked SOL about it, way back, and he said that it was SCEA's call to not put it on the North American PSN in the first place. I'm pretty bummed that I never got the chance to play it.

  5. Sybnios says:

    That is disgusting! I always hated this licence, copyright crap.

  6. DCGX says:

    I kind of want to get this now…

  7. Grant360 says:

    So does this mean I need to snap it up quickly? I have a 360 and had not purchased this yet. Or will all versions be pulled so you cant even play it. Remember DLC is actually a permanant rental that can be taken away at any time if you read the T&C's. Part of the reason I am hoping that after all the Sonic 4 episodes they release a disc version.

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