Sonic 30th Anniversary plans new games, digital events and events for 2021 according to LSB Europe Summer 2020 Licensing Magazine

According to the LSB Europe Summer 2020 Licensing Magazine on page 90, SEGA recaps on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise’s sales performance over the years and the success of the movie by Paramount Pictures.

On the last section of the page, it shows that the company will prepare for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary next year in 2021 with several new games, digital content, events, major announcements and a tailored licensing programme.

Hopefully whenever the global pandemic calms down, I’d be all over for a new games and an event held in L.A. What would you like to see SEGA plan for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary?


Games Workshop looking for more publishers and developers to make Warhammer based games


We have reported many times on SEGA picking up the IP license to Warhammer, but today Games Workshop announced that Slitherine, a video game publisher, is creating a real-time strategy game based on the Warhammer 40k universe.

So who else is making Warhammer titles?

  • Siltherine – We talked about above, they are creating a RTS game based in the Warhammer 40k universe. 
  • Zattikka – Announced last week that they will be creating social games based on the Warhammer IP.
  • Full Control – They acquired the Space Hulk license.
  • EA – They have created Warhammer: Age of Reckoning and are developing  Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes.
  • Rodeo Games – Creating a game called Warhammer Quest.
  • No Mad Games – Picked up the license to develop games based on Talisman.
  • SEGA – SEGA, which own the studio Relic, responsible for some of the most popular Warhammer 40k games. Also rumored is that Creative Assembly is making a game based on the Warhammer license.

Apparently Games Workshop is open to new ideas and said they will be going to trade shows to meet potential developers for games. With quite the list of developers already having Warhammer games in the works, even our blue and true SEGA, and the licensee looking for more games means that he market is going to be filled with Warhammer based games. Is this good? All I hope is that the games are great. The Warhammer universe is expansive and if they can cover different parts in different style games, they got my money.

Outrun Online Arcade pulled from PSN

I think we finally got some light as to why Outrun Online Arcade never came out in the US on PSN, since SEGA has now pulled it from the European PSN store after 18 months on the market. Has to do with licensing issues with Ferrari.

“Due to the expiry of the contract with Ferrari, Outrun Online Arcade will remain offline on PSN but will still be available on XBLA until Dec 2011,” – SEGA Rep

Could have gave us a bit of a warning, right? Seems that the license is still OK for Xbox, all the way till 2011. Though, from the sound of the quote, SEGA does not plan on re-licensing the brand and this probably means no more Outrun. Shame.

[Via MCV]