SEGA-Sammy profit for Q2 2010

SEGA-Sammy Holdings remained profitable during the second quarter of 2010. But how much did the company earn? A cool $302 million dollars, compared to the net loss of 78 million dollars the year prior.

We do a break down.

SEGA-Sammy Holdings are more than just SEGA’s console outings, they do arcades still and Pachinco/Pachislots. Don’t be surprised that Pachinco/Pachislots are actually SEGA-Sammy’s big money makers.


Grossing a beautiful $590 million in profit, which means they have increased revenue 337.7% compared to last year. Given that Pachinco/Pachislots is what Sammy is known for, before they merged with SEGA, it is safe to say that Sammy is putting in more money than SEGA as of now.

Arcade Sales/Amusement Centers Operations

Even though arcades are pretty much dead in the west, they are still very profitable in Japan and SEGA has been relentless with quality titles. They have finally shown some profit, profiting $23.7 million. Great, since last year they loss $9.1 million dollars. Hopefully next quarter they post bigger profit, they have been releasing some really good looking titles.

Amusement Centers are the places like GameWorks (America) and all the Japanese arcade places owned by SEGA. They have been doing not so hot last year and it seems that SEGA Is turning it around, making a small profit of $13.7 million, this is after they closed a bunch of them as well. This is an increase of 395.5% compared to last year.

Top 3 profiting arcade games (for July-September)

  1. Sangokushi Taisen 3 – $24 million
  2. BORDER BREAK –  $16 million
  3. WORLD CLUB Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs Series $13 million

Consumer Business

The ‘Consumer Business’ is basically what we all think of SEGA, the software you put into your console. The good stuff, the software. This section of SEGA-Sammy has always been very weak, posting loses. This time around its no different. SEGA posted a loss of $16.1 million. This might seem like a crushing defeat, but it really isn’t, since last year they loss $101 million. They are slowly getting to the point where they will be profitable and SEGA West’s new stance on digital content, quality releases (seriously, this year had a ton of great releases) might be enough to get them back into profiting.

Best selling software (for July-September)

  1. Project DIVA 2nd (PSP) – 340K
  2. Kurohyo : Ryu Ga Gotoku Shinsyo (PSP) – 250K
  3. K-ON (PSP) – 210K

Yeah, it seems that PSP is very good to SEGA in Japan. We will be seeing bigger numbers for software come next quarter, since there is the release of Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors. They will pull in some nice numbers, I think.

[Thanks: Suzuki Yu]


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