SEGA Dreamcast Nintendo 3DS theme brings the nostalgia with the Phantasy Star Online lobby theme

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If you haven’t been following us on the social networks, earlier this week we shared that more SEGA themes are heading to the Nintendo 3DS for those in the west. Yesterday, Americans received a SEGA Dreamcast theme for $1.99 while today Europeans receive Dreamcast, Saturn and Hi-Tech (arcade) themes. Saturn and Hi-Tech had already released in America some time ago, so no surprises there, but what was surprising was that aside from the expected regional tweaks to the Dreamcast theme (blue swirl in Europe, different packaging designs on the top screen) there was also another change to the original Japanese Dreamcast 3DS theme. While the Japanese theme had some happy background music that I can’t quite place from the Dream Passport internet application, the western theme has the incredibly iconic Phantasy Star Online lobby music.

It may sound like I’m fanboying out over this, and I probably am, but man does the inclusion of that music make this theme a must own for any Dreamcast owner who has fond memories of 2am PSO play sessions. Not only did this music ensure that you have properly connected your console to the internet, but it was also the beginning of the adventure. Picture chat with your friends, pretend to be a Japanese girl, trade some guild cards, form a team, and hit the forest of Ragol for some rare blue Al Rappys. After the break, check out the theme in action and if you like it download it yourself. It’s well worth it.


10 responses to “SEGA Dreamcast Nintendo 3DS theme brings the nostalgia with the Phantasy Star Online lobby theme

  1. radrappy says:

    oh wow yeah, right in the gut with those feels sega

  2. Looking good. The PSO Lobby music is much more fitting for this theme. Does anyone else notice the top screen has the background from the Sonic Adventure main menu?

  3. Jio_Wolfen says:

    been waiting for this theme for ages now, got it yesterday and now i love to go back to the menu just to watch and hear such a lovely theme, am really grateful at sega for this

  4. Butt says:

    Buying this theme just as another SEGA theme for my 3DS and then getting hit by that lobby theme was absolutely magical. Best theme, hands down.

  5. fernandeath says:

    I use the Saturn theme in my 3DS but I’ll probably change it to the DC one…

  6. Nei says:

    So many feels…and the lobby ,music is a great fit for a menu. Now come to Europe, Dreamcast theme.

  7. DCGX says:

    Congratulations Nintendo, you got me to buy one of your otherwise pointless themes.

    Happy Nintendo?!

    Are you happy now?!

  8. rez says:

    But….Dc games adapted for 3ds??!!!

    • bertodecosta says:

      Actually there is one DC game that adapted for 3DS.
      It’s Rayman 3D.
      Rayman 3D is the adaptation of Rayman 2 on Dreamcast, the favorite version amongst audiences and critics.

  9. Neal says:

    This theme made me dust off Phantasy Star Zero and create a new HuCast.

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