Crazy Taxi taking fares on PSN/XBLA

Today brought the release of Crazy Taxi on PSN for $9.99 and the game will most likely be out on XBLA (11/17) by the time you read this for 800 points. I have been playing it and the game looks great on widescreen. Plus the PSN version even supports custom soundtracks, comes useful if you want to load up the game’s original soundtrack. All 360 games have custom soundtracks, so that is a guaranteed for that version already.

So who is buying a digital copy of this craaaaaaaaaaazy title?


6 responses to “Crazy Taxi taking fares on PSN/XBLA

  1. upsidedown fuji says:

    I'll pick it up. I have it on my Dreamcast but I want to compete with other people on the leader boards and see the game in a true widescreen format. The price is right for me even though the hokey in game advertisements are long gone.

  2. AshleyAshes says:

    It seems the XBLA release wasn't bumped up a week like the PSN release. Shame, I have to wait another week.

  3. crackdude says:

    Sega is great. Custom ST ftw.

  4. cube_b3 says:

    I won't even if it was a physical release.

    Right now the orignal Crazy Taxi is the weakest game in the trilogy.

    I want Crazy Taxi 3, it basically contains everything and more from the previous 2 games with better graphics, effects and Glitter Oasis.

  5. Centrale says:

    I agree, Crazy Taxi 3 is the best. But the original is still great. Not sure if we'll ever see a re-release of 3, since it never even made it on the backwards compatible list.

  6. upsidedown fuji says:

    Really, I think CT started going downhill at 3. I think 2 had it about right but I still prefer 1 out of all the 3 because its the one I played the most. Even when 2 came out, I still preferred playing the CT1 characters and their maps after they were unlocked.

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