Project X Zone Limited Edition version revealed


Did you know if you pre-order Project X Zone, you will get the limited edition version for free? Yep, the first printing run of Project X Zone comes in a neat case, soundtrack, mini-art book, and a mini-poster to hang on your man cave.

Not sure if this is a Gamestop exclusive, but it was the only site that I found the ‘limited edition’ version. Amazon hasn’t even updated the release date (since it was delayed or have box art up).

Yakuza Fan launches his ‘Bring Yakuza 5 West’ Facebook campaign

Yakuza Fan website has decided to take a lesson from the book of the blue S and launch a Facebook sharing/like campaign to see if there is enough interest in a Yakuza 5 western release.

Over a week ago SEGA launched their own campaign for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, stating if the image got enough shares/likes that they would bring the game over from Japan. That game is great and all, but we want Yakuza 5 and if you do too you should probably share/like the picture to help.

Go here, share and like the picture on your Facebook.

Conduit HD coming to Tegra-powered mobile devices this month

High Voltage Software is still working on the Conduit franchise, this time around they are working on a mobile entry to their franchised, ironically called Conduit HD. I know the first two Conduit games appeared on the Nintendo Wii in standard definition, most people would think that their first high definition release would come out on Wii U. I guess “you” thought wrong (ba da bing) .

“This project is important for our industry because it proves that not only can we deliver console-quality gameplay experiences on mobile platforms, but we can improve them, from the graphics to the gameplay, The Conduit HD delivers an experience that was only previously possible on consoles.” – High Voltage chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger.

What I hear is this is a remake of the single player (only single player as of now) in the first Conduit. Players will be able to play the first two stages for free, will have to cough up cash for the other six levels. They have two payment options, $2.99 for 3 stage pack or $4.99 for all stages. The game is due to be released March 14th. I didn’t expect to see more Conduit, what do you guys think? Doesn’t seem that SEGA will be publishing this title, so this is the last we will have to talk about it.


Don’t let the US Government Blacklist SEGAbits and other blogs [Update]

Nov 17th: As of now the US Congress still hasn’t voted on this law, so if you haven’t contacted congress yet, you still have time to contact them, and you should!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who has contacted congress, I would just like to ask for one more favor, contact congress again, one last time, more info here.

You might have been wondering what that STOP CENSORSHIP bar at the top of the page was, well, I’ll explain it to you.

Basically, today the US congress is trying to pass a new law called PROTECT IP to help protect the bigwigs in Hollywood, but if this law passes, the internet will never be the same.

The US government will be able to blacklist any site that has copyrighted content posted onto it; this includes content posted by users who aren’t even staff of the website, such as forums. You could also go to jail for uploading “copyrighted” content such as a song or anything else that gets taken down from youtube for copyright notices.

This is a big deal, I’m not exagerating this. Big sites such as Mozilla and reddit are taking part in this protest even. If you live in the US, do your part and contact congress NOW.

If you own a blog or website, this should matter to you, this is no laughing matter.

More Info | Contact Congress

Crazy Taxi taking fares on PSN/XBLA

Today brought the release of Crazy Taxi on PSN for $9.99 and the game will most likely be out on XBLA (11/17) by the time you read this for 800 points. I have been playing it and the game looks great on widescreen. Plus the PSN version even supports custom soundtracks, comes useful if you want to load up the game’s original soundtrack. All 360 games have custom soundtracks, so that is a guaranteed for that version already.

So who is buying a digital copy of this craaaaaaaaaaazy title?