Bayonetta 2 teased again via Twitter

Kamiya loves to tease his fans on twitter. If he was a female, he would be posting half naked pictures, thankfully that doesn’t stop all males, like me.

He said we will be seeing more of Bayonetta soon. I assume that SEGA has a announcement ready before E3? Please?

[Source: NicaGamerz]


3 responses to “Bayonetta 2 teased again via Twitter

  1. CrazyTails says:

    That dirty ass mofo :p

  2. Sharky says:


    More Bayonetta cannot be a bad thing… Best hack and slash ever made.

  3. Sloth_26XX says:

    More Bayonetta makes me a happy gamer… No it's not because she gets naked. (However hard that may be to believe.)

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