Big Man Japan – This is Sega Related

So to cut a long story short, my friend stopped over at my house the other day, with DVD in hand. Raving about this ‘great movie’ we just had to watch. It’s called ‘Big Man Japan’ I knew nothing about it at the time and now that I’ve watched it… I’m still not convinced I know anything about it.

But I do know that this scene is awesome. Enjoy!

If this is relevant to your interests. It’s called ‘Big Man Japan’ and it is subbed in English.


4 responses to “Big Man Japan – This is Sega Related

  1. Pao says:

    You'd think Japan ran out of weed, apparently not.

    OK, seriously now, what did I just watch?!

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Well hopefully the white freak took out Hajime Satomi, and now we can get Shenmue 3 and all the DC game sequels.

    The surviving members of Sega can go and built 2nd party studios, as there wouldn't be any internal studios anymore.

    Sega really needed to be body slammed.

    @ Pao: It could've been worse, one word 'tentacles'

  3. Suzuki Yu says:

    oh the SEGA GIGO Bldg! this a multi floor arcade and big store for SEGA i think.

    usually famous SEGA creators going there for their game lunch.

    anyway this video is super weird, just what the hell!

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