CHRiSTMAS INTO DREAMS: Journey of Dreamcast Deals

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The Dreamcast Scene is going to be very active this fall German Publisher redspotgames won’t have a new Dreamcast game out his year, but they are not letting that get in the way of the celebrations, in order to keep the scene active they have  permanently dropped prices of Wind & Water: Puzzle Battle (13.25) and Rush Rush Rally Racing (29.25).

American Publisher and Pioneer of indie games for Dreamcast GOAT Store have the best offer though, as they will give a free copy of Feet of Fury (the first indie game ever made) to anyone who buys anything from them no price limit (well the cheapest item on the store is 24 cents, just under a quarter), which is perfect cause they run the largest online Dreamcast Store, from batteries for your VMU to Japanese imports they have everything at economical prices.

Lastly Dreamcast fans don’t foget NG:Dev.Team have just released Dreamcast’s only new game Fast-Striker :).

GSP’s heart felt press release after the jump:


Hey everyone, it’s been a while but I just wanted to drop in for a quick note… The holidays are here, and for my family that means Christmas. We’re celebrating it and it’s a blast — for the first year, my 10 month old son is seeing what the holidays for him are like, and he’s enjoying playing with the new toys he is getting, and my wife and I are enjoying watching him with all these new experiences.

I’ve been very blessed to have a lot of different families in life — direct relatives, friends, communities I interact with online — all of these groups in one way or another become family in a different way. And this is the season to celebrate those relationships, whether it is with friends that you just met, or family you’ve had for your life. Whether you celebrate Christmas like us, or any other holiday, make it a happy one and tell those around you that you are happy they are around.

Although it isn’t much, as a thank you for your support of the GOAT Store and to honor our developer community that we’ve developed — GOAT Store Publishing is definitely it’s own family, when my son was born I had developers send me congratulation cards! — we’re giving anyone who orders from the GOAT Store site anything between now and the end of 2010 a free copy of Feet of Fury with your order. It’s our way of saying thanks for supporting us, and for being part of our extended family.

Happy Holidays everyone!

redspotgames Press Release:

As redspotgames announced today, two titles from the Munich-based publisher will be permanently discounted. This is part of the advent season campaign in which the latest Dreamcast game “Sturmwind” was revealed, receiving significant media coverage. (link)

The price drops concern the two Dreamcast titles “Rush Rush Rally Racing Deluxe Edition” with alternate cover as well as “Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles”.

The special edition of “Rush Rush Rally Racing Deluxe Edition” with alternate cover will be discounted by 20%, from 27,95 EUR to 22,00 EUR (~ £18,60 / ~ US$29.25)! In addition to its unique features, this classic 2D racer is also a homage to the golden age of video games and offers many multiplayer modes with up to 4 players and cartoon cutscenes in its singleplayer mode, garnished with fine black humor. This Deluxe Edition comes with a spine card, soundtrack CD, extended manual with screenshots of deleted levels and three stickers.

Additionally, “Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles” will see a revival – the puzzle/adventure genre hybrid for Sega Dreamcast, originally released in 2008, will be offered for only 10 EUR (~ £8,45 / ~ US$13.30) at the redspotgames online shop – this is almost 70% less than before! (16,99 EUR) Furthermore, this version offers the most elaborate packaging design a regular indie Dreamcast game has ever seen: Spinecard, full-color CD print, extra thick color manual (130 g/m²), 40 pages with artwork, including a mini manga.

All games are available for these prices from this moment on and can be purchased at the redspotgames online shop.

redspotgames online shop: Link
“Rush Rush Rally Racing Deluxe Edition” with alternative cover: Link
“Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles”: Link

Source: Dreamcast-Scene


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  1. cube_b3 says:

    Why are there still no comments?

  2. Wilhelm says:

    Sorry I was creeping the Goat Store out made some orders. Can't wait for the new DC games and I am excited for FOF. I love indie!

    I'm considering ordering Wind and Water. I've heard good things about it: and for only 13 US I can't really go wrong.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    do make a forum post and share your shoppings 😉

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