NG:Dev.Team partners with redspotgames again

NG:Dev.Team were introduced to the Dreamcast-Scene by redspotgames when the company published the Neo-Geo port of Last Hope. Last year, while Rene Hellwig was doing a promotional interview for his side project DUX (Made by his solo company Hucast.Net in collabration with KonTechs) he revealed that NGDT weren’t satisfied with the way publishing was handled by RSG therefore DUX would be published by Hucast.Net only.

Right after Hucast.Net released DUX, NGDT released Pink Bullets (Director’s Cut version of Last Hope) the following week RSG announced that they would be serving as “Logistic Partners” and take over responsibilities of distribution and promotion for the 2 games. This resulted in the cheapest indie bundles of all things Dreamcast and since Fast-Striker came out, fans have been waiting for the 2 companies to team up again. It took a lot longer than expected and RSG won’t be serving as “Logistic Partners,” but they have stocked Fast-Striker and are offering economical bundles for Dreamcast enthusiast who want more for less.

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Review: Fast Striker Ver. 1.5

[Cover of the standard edition]

Fast Striker was developed by NG:DEV.TEAM for the Neo Geo MVS, later it was ported to the Dreamcast. This review will cover the Dreamcast port. This is going to be the first indie review for the site, I hope you enjoy it.

Updated 22/Feb: Fast-Striker Dreamcast Promo Spotted in Tokyo

Updated 22/Feb: NG:Dev.Team has confirmed this promo is made, but they found it cool as well.Feast your eyes on the first post GD-Rom Dreamcast Promo

Reported by Dreamcast-Scene yesterday. Certainly something you don’t see everyday. This is a photograph taken by Shumps.Com forum member ‘Rancor‘ in a retail videogame store featuring a large poster with info on the game, and an lcd monitor displaying what we can guess to be the trailer. This is probably the first post gd-rom era Dreamcast game to be promoted in a retail store, and I doubt it will be the last.

What I find intresting is the Dreamcast logo’s featured prominently on the promo; NG:Dev.Team or any other indie publisher all have been careful enough to never use any SEGA copyrighted material. Either NG:Dev.Team has earned approval from SEGA, or this promo is made by a die hard Dreamcast fanatic who wants to promote the game and SEGA’s last system. We have contacted NGDT for more information, for now this is filed under fan made.

Source: Shumps.Com

Fast Striker Sold Out

Don’t get too excited, Fast Striker hasn’t completely sold out.

Play-Asia has simply run out of stock, the game is still available at NGDEVDIRECT, nonetheless it is still somewhat impressive, though things would’ve been more impressive had NGDEVTEAM revealed the number of units they had actually shipped to Play-Asia. As of yet they haven’t even revealed the number of units they have pressed altogether (even the Limited Edition units are unknown).

There is still significant demand for Dreamcast games out there. Last year R4 Regular Edition sold out completely in 2 months as well.

[Source: Dreamcast-Scene]

InsideOut DCJY: Fast Striker

Video courtesy of The Dreamcast Junkyard

Earlier this week, the staff were discussing what possible Dreamcast news we could share this weekend. With the inclusion of retro writers we’ve tried to bring you new Dreamcast news every weekend, though our last 2 DC posts have really been about price drops and free games. For those who wanted more than just discounted offers should know it has been a very tough year for Sega’s Dream Machine, especially compared to previous years. Last year we had 3 original DC releases (IRiDES, DUX, & R4) and this year NG:Dev.Team were kind enough to port their latest Neo-Geo title. Without it this would’ve been the system’s first year without a new game, so let’s all be thankful to them.

This week our initial plan was to showcase an interesting peripheral from Dream Past (word play :P) that many of our readers may have missed out on. We’ll be showcasing that mystery peripheral next week, as this week  we have something better: GagaMan of DCJY (and SGNW affiliate) takes us InsideOut: Fast Striker.

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CHRiSTMAS INTO DREAMS: Journey of Dreamcast Deals

Funny Picture by GagaMan of The Dreamcast Junkyard
Note: GagaMan is a registered trade mark of DCJY and is in no way related or affiliated with Lady Gaga

The Dreamcast Scene is going to be very active this fall German Publisher redspotgames won’t have a new Dreamcast game out his year, but they are not letting that get in the way of the celebrations, in order to keep the scene active they have  permanently dropped prices of Wind & Water: Puzzle Battle (13.25) and Rush Rush Rally Racing (29.25).

American Publisher and Pioneer of indie games for Dreamcast GOAT Store have the best offer though, as they will give a free copy of Feet of Fury (the first indie game ever made) to anyone who buys anything from them no price limit (well the cheapest item on the store is 24 cents, just under a quarter), which is perfect cause they run the largest online Dreamcast Store, from batteries for your VMU to Japanese imports they have everything at economical prices.

Lastly Dreamcast fans don’t foget NG:Dev.Team have just released Dreamcast’s only new game Fast-Striker :).

GSP’s heart felt press release after the jump:

New Trailer for Dreamcast’s Sturmwind

Recently, redspotgames CEO, Max Scharl revealed their latest Dreamcast title “Sturmwind” on national television (German tv show “Neues” in a segment on underdogs). Since then, Sturmwind has received a lot of positive press even though only a handful of screen shots have been shown. Today we feast our eyes on.

The reason for all the excitement is that Sturmwind is an original Dreamcast game, built from the ground up to take advantage of Sega’s hardware, where as recently released shump Fast Striker (on sale at Play-Asia & NG:Dev.Direct) an excellent game in it’s own right is an enhanced Neo-Geo Port.

Fun Fact: A recurring theme in Dreamcast games these days is that Duranik the studio behind Sturmwind is composed off 2 brothers, just like KonTechs (DUX), NG:Dev.Team (Last Hope), Senile Team (Rush Rush Rally Racing), Yuan Works (Wind & Water: Puzzle Battles).

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Fast Striker goes Gold

Fun Fact: Thanks to Fast Striker there hasn’t been a single year in Dreamcast History without a new game.

Looks like the Dreamcast will get a new game this year, I was a little skeptical but it appears NGDEVTEAM have successfully finished porting Fast Striker before Christmas. The game is currently in the pressing stages and shipping starts 21st December.

For more information read our interview with NG:Dev.Team or hit the jump for the press release.