Aliens Colonal Marines – Old Teaser, Good Quality

The title says it all really. I think it was E3 2008 when this teaser trailer was first shown off behind closed doors. Somebody out there was good enough to film it, secretly off screen. The video quality left a lot to be desired. wobbly and out of focus if I remember correctly.

Rejoice, aliens fans! Someone has recently been kind enough to uploaded a perfect quality version of the same video. It hasn’t been officially released by Sega, so this is kind of old news. But still, it is very pretty.

As for the game, Aliens: Colonial Marines in a recent interview with Sega’s Alan Prichard the game was again confirmed to be in development and we should be hearing more about it in 2011. Fingers crossed!


One response to “Aliens Colonal Marines – Old Teaser, Good Quality

  1. Wilhelm says:

    Wooohhooohoo!! Looking forward to this.

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