Takashi Iizuka tells us his Sonic 4 secrets

CVG is running a article where they ask game producers for their secrets on how they create the types of games they do. Well, one of these producers asked a question was our favorite Takashi Iizuka, he shares his secrets on creating a 2D platformer like Sonic 4.

“I think there are various kinds of 2D platformer and each one of them focuses on different game elements. In the case of Sonic games, I put a premium on the game tempo of the stage.

A game cannot be constructed with only speed elements and a game with only jump actions is not a Sonic. Though jump actions bring a feeling of tension and cause a lot of stress, it’s an element giving the player a great sense of achievement when completed.

In addition to that, maximizing the feeling of achievement and exhilaration in a game whilst still providing the speed is the basic concept – and also real pleasure – of Sonic games.” – Takashi Iizuka, Producer Sonic 4


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    This isn't too bad.

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