SEGA in the Media: Inbetweeners play Virtua Tennis

In the 3rd series (5th episode) of the Inbetweeners, Will gets a Wii. What Tennis game does he try out on it? Hint: Not Grand Slam Tennis or Wii Sports whatever. Its Virtua Tennis 2009.

In the show Simon is too scared to stay home alone, since his mom is going away for the weekend with an old college buddy she re-kindled with via Facebook. So he decides to ask Neil, the dim-witted friend, to stay over.

“As long as I bring my PS3 so we don’t have to play those shit Wii games” –

Oh, great they had to bash the game. You can’t have a SEGA game on a show without being called shit afterwords. Curse you!  E4 airs the show in Europe, America gets it on BBC America. As for the rest of the world, check here!


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