Max Anarchy – New game by Platinum Games

[Jack from MadWorld gets a colorful make over, only on PS3 & Xbox 360]

Max Anarchy has been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu. The game will be the first online title by Platinum Games and will be heading for both PS3 and Xbox 360. The screens above show that Jack, from Platinum Games’ violent Wii game MadWorld, will be a playable character.

The game is said to boast a ‘big number’ of online players. Not much new information. The screens do give a ‘Gears of War’ vibe, don’t you think?

[Update] More information after the jump![/update]

[Via: AndriaSang]

The developers say that Max Anarchy will be the first of its kind, a “Massively Multiplayer Melee Fighting Action”  game. The magazine and Platinum Games have not disclosed the number of players that will be able to play together or against each other, though they say that it will be a large number.

This project is said to have been in the works for 2 years now, through trial and error. Inaba describes Max Anarchy as a ‘fighting game’, one in which you could be fighting it out with another user, and someone else could come out of nowhere and fight you from behind. The game is said to also pack a solid, well-told story when played offline. Online won’t be all fighting, it will also have a co-op mode along with free-for-all.

Inaba says the reason we haven’t seen a game like this before is because of ‘synchronization issues,’ which he and the workers at Platinum Games love to work through, something he calls a great challenge.

Inaba did note that the game might resemble the arcade game Spikeout, but it will play differently. He added that he’s confident in the gameplay they’re putting together, his only current worry being on the balancing. He explained since this is a brand new genre, it has to be accessible to all, since everyone will be a newcomer.

SEGA & Platinum Games are hoping for a 2011 worldwide simultaneous release.


14 responses to “Max Anarchy – New game by Platinum Games

  1. nuckles87 says:

    Interesting. Might this be a pseudo sequel to Madworld? Or is Jack just making a cameo?

  2. Awesome! We needed more online multiplayer SEGA games!

  3. George says:

    @ Nuckles87: According to AndriaSang, only a cameo.

  4. Pao says:

    Apparently its a Beat-em up of sorts, it also has a Story mode and cooperative play.

    Need a trailer to judge.

  5. George says:

    Updated the article. Pao, will you get it on PS3?

  6. Starting to sound like Power Stone Online, which would be way awesome.

  7. STORM! says:

    GOD! I was waiting all my life for a game like THAT! NOT only shooters!!! YEESSSS!!

  8. Sharky says:

    At first I was like MEH, with the new info… It actually sounds great.

    MMO Spikeout? I'd hit it! (punlol)

  9. nuckles87 says:

    As would I :D. Maybe I should hold off on DCOnline.

  10. Suzuki Yu says:


    same here, i always thought this would be a great idea if it was implemented right

  11. ROJM says:

    Well i hope they market this one better. Beat em ups are supposed to be a slumped market apart from you know who,so i hope it gets sega's full support.

    A fan's wet dream would be if one of the VF5's get's announced for a port as well and a Sega superstars style fighter's megamix game.

  12. Kori-Maru says:

    Can't wait for some gameplay videos. The details sounds so sweet. Everyone coming outta no where beatting the crap out each other.

  13. Pao says:


    Nope, my PS3's been dead for a year now, unless Sony slashes the price on the console by the end of the year I don't think I'll get another one.

  14. Autosaver says:

    A game… in color?


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