SEGA Talk #94: Anarchy Reigns (2012)

On this episode we talk Anarchy Reigns, the ‘sequel’ of sorts to Madworld… or is it? This Platinum Games open world beat ’em up has more to offer than you might think. Let’s look at the wide range of characters, development and of course the controversial delay in the West.

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SEGA Talk #71: MadWorld (2009)

Pimps, playas, and pain purveyors! Its time for a mad episode of SEGA Talk as we dive deep into the black & white world of MadWorld on the Nintendo Wii. Get your nunchucks out and start waggling those arms, its gonna be a blood bath!

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If you want to give us feedback, suggest a topic for the next podcast or want to ask a question for us to answer on the next episode you can add  them as a comment below or send theme directly to our email. Make sure you use subject line ‘SEGA Talk’ and as always, thanks for listening!

The SEGA Five: SEGA published games that deserve more attention

If you discuss Streets of Rage, Super Monkey Ball, or even anything Sonic, chances are you can hear that 90’s jingle of retro goodness (SEGAAAAAAAAAAA!). The company helped create some wonderful games and franchises and are still going strong to this day. That being said, most of the games published by SEGA are sometimes often forgot about and usually sit on store shelves to collect dust and/or be pauper’s pennies.

While I haven’t played every single game SEGA has helped publish, some of those games stick out to me in a very unique and interesting way. And SEGA, being the quirky company they are, brought me wonderful memories and breathes a one-of-a-kind charm to those certain games. So in no particular order (with the first one being my favorite out of the five), here are some games that rightfully deserve more attention than they get!

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Summer Games Done Quick 2014 Charity Drive Starts Today, Features Many SEGA Hits


Speed Demos Archive and Speed Runs Live are teaming up once again this year for Summer Games Done Quick 2014. A charity event hosted by speed runners to help the less fortunate starting today and airs nonstop until the 29th. Once again they’re raising funds for Doctors Without Borders and continue to offer incentives by voting for certain content as well as offering prizes.

You can expect a much bigger turnout for SEGA games this year. With the likes of Jet Set Radio HD, MadWorld, Super Monkey Ball 2, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Disney’s Aladdin, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Tails’ Adventures, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, NiGHTS into Dreams, El Viento and many more.

You can watch the stream on the SDA Twitch channel, check out the schedule, ogle the list of prizes, and of course, check out their main site on how you can send your contribution to charity.

Also somebody is running Gex: Enter the Gecko on Nintendo 64. I can’t be the only guy that actually enjoyed the game, right?

Anarchy Reigns – Durga and Garuda

Check it out, two brand new characters have been revealed for Platinum Games’ and Segas’ next new IP, Anarchy Reigns, an online beat’em’up reminiscent of Spike out or even Powerstone.

One of the most interesting things about this game is by far the character designs; usually in games where there are many characters, like fighters and brawlers, you see a lot of less-than-impressive character designs but in Anarchy Reigns there are some really awesome designs which could easily pass for protagonists for their own games.

Above is ‘Durga’ who seems to fall somewhere between comic relief and crazed bad guy. He also has guns on his knees! Hit the jump to check out ‘Garuda’, another great character, a cross between a ‘SHMUP’ ship and a transformer.

The Weekly Five: The Best Unseen SEGA Characters

SEGA has a massive stable of iconic characters. From the normal (Ryo Hazuki) to the bizarre (ToeJam and Earl) and everything in-between. But what about the characters you never see? They’re just as iconic, yet they have never had a face to put to the voice. In this week’s five, we will be shining the spotlight on the best unseen SEGA characters. The characters who can define a game without the need for a visit to SEGA’s character design department.


SEGA Sequels: MadWorld

For the 22nd episode of SEGA Sequel Saturdays and following my feature from a couple weeks back on a potential sequel to House of the Dead: Overkill, I thought I’d take a look at another game that targeted the same demographic, MadWorld. It was the first release from the newly-formed Platinum Games, it’s still one of the only games to feature a black and white (and red, of course) color scheme, and it also happens to be one of the funniest games on the Wii system. It was definitely not a game without its share of flaws, but it was what could have been the start of a very promising franchise and it’d be great to see a sequel that expanded on the many great ideas that were only teased in the original.

(Note; We all of course know that MadWorld characters are slated to appear in Platinum Games’ next title, fighting game Anarchy Reigns, though it’s too early to tell whether that actually makes it a sequel to MadWorld or an entirely different type of game that just happens to feature its characters. This feature won’t be about Anarchy Reigns.)

Why SEGA should stick with PlatinumGames

The closure of Clover Studio several years back was a sad day for the gaming industry, not only because they had just developed a multiple Game of the Year award winner (the beautiful Okami) but also because it was such a shame to see the developer of some of Capcom’s most interesting and innovative content getting the axe. It was a dose of reality: a reminder that originality and innovation doesn’t always pay off (and SEGA knows that probably better than anybody) in an industry that’s rapidly becoming more and more hit-driven and sequel-based.

The good news came shortly after, when it was revealed that the heads of Clover Studios had no intention of folding back inside Capcom. Instead, key developers Atsushi Inaba, Hideki Kamiya, and co. formed what would eventually become PlatinumGames, taking many former Clover Studios developers with them. In a move of pure brilliance, SEGA picked up the partnership, what turned out to be an incredible fit.

Anarchy Reigns – Mathilda trailer

Here she is, Mathilda, the newest trailer for the upcoming Anarchy Reigns video game. You might remember her from MadWorld, she was Black Baron’s assistant that always ended up killing him.

Her pimp hand is strong in the trailer, also shows off her weapon of choice, ‘Iron Maiden’.

Anarchy Reigns Story Mode & Characters info!

Fresh from the latest Famitsu comes more info on Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan) this info is fills us in on story mode, setting and characters.

Anarchy Reigns is set in the future, the world is in chaos, war, biological and nuclear warfare, disease and disasters, you name it. Shit has hit the fan!

Humankind survives by the skin of their teeth with the aid of nano-bots and cybernetics.

The story takes place in the ruined city of Altanbra which serves as the play area. It seems as if each area of the city has its own gimmicks much like the layout of Mad World. One of the main draws of the game is that the cityscape will change in real time. Bridges collapse and even natural disasters will ravage the shell of a city. This sounds pretty cool.

Hit the jump for lots more details!

Anarchy Reigns: Jack character trailer

The last of Famitsu’s character trailers, this one is for Jack and his chainsaw Gator Tooth. For all of you guys that didn’t know, Jack is the lead character for MadWorld, the Wii exclusive title from Platinum Games.

The more I see these characters, the more I want to see online gameplay. No, scratch that, the more I want to play it myself!

[Via: AndriaSang]

Inaba: Platinum Games would like the “challenge” of making a sequel

As a developer, Platinum Games has, from the start, focused on creating new IP. That’s not to say that doing a sequel down the road isn’t ever going to happen, Platinum Games founder Atsushi Inaba told Famitsu this week.

” It’s not that we don’t want to make sequels. We’re strongly attached to the things that we created ourselves, after all,” Inaba explained.  “If asked ‘which,’ we tend to take up original productions, but we’d also like to challenge making the kind of sequel that expands the worlds.”

Though some may have been disappointed that Anarchy Reigns wasn’t actually Bayonetta 2, (not me, though,) it seems that people looking forward to a sequel to one of their favorite Platinum Games titles shouldn’t give up hope entirely.

[Source: Andriasang]

Max Anarchy – New game by Platinum Games

[Jack from MadWorld gets a colorful make over, only on PS3 & Xbox 360]

Max Anarchy has been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu. The game will be the first online title by Platinum Games and will be heading for both PS3 and Xbox 360. The screens above show that Jack, from Platinum Games’ violent Wii game MadWorld, will be a playable character.

The game is said to boast a ‘big number’ of online players. Not much new information. The screens do give a ‘Gears of War’ vibe, don’t you think?

[Update] More information after the jump![/update]

[Via: AndriaSang]

Gamefly used sale has cheap SEGA games

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