Anarchy Reigns: Sasha & Zero character trailers

First we have the Ice Queen, Sasha. She will use ice based attacks like Snowy Spikes to take out enemies. Insert joke on how she is a cold bitch here. She seems like a fast, over the top character like Bayonetta, could have just made her a cameo, to be honest.

We also have the newly introduced ninja character known as Zero. The man wields two swords known as Onimaru and Juzumaru, rumored to be pieces of the “Tenka Goken” blades of myth. Hit the jump for the Zero gameplay trailer.

Now you have more information to answer the question of the poll on the side, if you haven’t already.


11 responses to “Anarchy Reigns: Sasha & Zero character trailers

  1. -nSega54- says:

    So is bad voice acting going to be a requirement in all future Platinum Games releases? I don't see why they keep doing this. MadWorld had great script and voice acting, but then Bayonetta and Vanquish were so bad in this category…is it really working? I don't think a lot of Western gamers get the joke, to be honest.

  2. George says:

    How was Bayonetta's voice acting bad? I can see Vanquish, with the grunt voices. But Bayonetta?

  3. -nSega54- says:

    ……hm. I ….well, I guess we can't argue opinion. But I thought it was pretty widely agreed upon that Bayonetta's voice acting was pretty awful.

  4. ShaunShikeishuu says:

    I thought the voice acting was fine in Bayonetta.

  5. CrazyTails says:

    Bayonetta's VA was great imo.

  6. -nSega54- says:

    Bayonetta herself drove me crazy. Not to mention her partner in crime doing a Joe Pesci impression.

  7. Pao says:

    Bayo's VA was great, some people have extremely high standards

  8. I liked Enzo's VA. Dude was hilarious! I actually was sad when he wasn't in the latter parts of the game. Rodin's voice was badass as well. I'm actually really hoping Rodin makes an appearance in the game. Rodin vs. Jack would be awesome.

  9. -nSega54- says:

    Wait, Enzo's not in the latter parts of the game!!??!?!!?

    Damn, might have to start playing it again, knowing that. :]

  10. Looks fun. I wonder if there will be lots of characters, some unlockable.

  11. Radrappy says:

    My god why is her head so small?

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