SEGA Rally Online Arcade gets officially announced

We posted about it before, but now it’s official. The game will be hitting PSN and XBLA. It will obviously feature single player challenges like ‘Time Attack’ and ‘Championship Battle Mode’. New achievement system will be used for unlocking content, the game will have 13 cars to pick from.

Multiplayer will support 2 player offline and 2-6 players online. You will be able to purchase it this Spring. More information as it is released.

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8 responses to “SEGA Rally Online Arcade gets officially announced

  1. upsidedown fuji says:

    Just what I asked for! Cant wait for another SEGA arcade racer on XBLA.

  2. Sega Stylista says:

    Want Daytona?

    Buy this game.

  3. Nice! Can't wait to add this to my digital collection!

  4. Pao says:

    Brilliant news!

  5. Centrale says:

    I'll be getting it!

  6. CrazyTails says:

    After the closure of the last team, I thought a new SEGA rally would never see the light of day. This is beautiful news. SEGA inhouse is going to do some amazing stuff allready this year. PSO 2, Valkyria 3, yakuza the end, virtua tennis 4 and i'm sure I forgot some , or not…:P

  7. I want this so bad… every day I don't have it pains me.

  8. Grant360 says:

    I have Sega Rally on the 360. Will the tracks be new tracks, the quality of the live arcade titles SEGA are putting out is superb with afterburner, outrun and now this. But will it be a watered down version of Revo?

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