Yakuza of the End – Partner System, Gary’s Bootcamp & Kamurocho Underground

SEGA details how the Partner System works in Yakuza of the End. To get different partners, you will have to complete sub-stories. Some sub-stories are unique to a playable character. Such as, Kazuma will have sub-plots he completes to get a person to be his partner. Once you unlock a partner, you can share him between all four playable characters.

We already know that if a hostess loves you enough, she will also be able to be your partner.

Fan favorites Kazuto Arase and Makoto Date will be able to be partner characters. Which in my opinion, is going to be awesome. Check out Date and other partner characters in the pictures below.

Gary’s Bootcamp

[Gary don’t fuck around]

Zombies attack, you expect to just be a pro right away? Of course not! That is why Yakuza of the End has a “play spot” run by Gary Buster Holmes (from past titles), called Gary’s Boot Camp. It will run you through zombie killing courses that include running through fields while taking out zombies. It even has a zombie shooting range. How sexy.

Kamurocho Underground

[Play the Ninja Turtles theme music]

Sealed off underground is “Kamurocho Underground”, a randomly generated dungeon which you get to access via a manhole. The point of the dungeon is to fight your way to the bottom of it, and once you get to the bottom you will find a boss. What do you get for your troubles? Outside of experience to power up, you get cool items.

[Source: Andriasang]


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