Wondering how Ryuji Goda got a Gatling Gun arm?


Ryuji Goda was the main villain in Yakuza 2, he held the title of Dragon of Kansai. Now? Now he has a big ass gun for an arm. How did this happen?

He actually wanted the new arm, it seems. After what happened in the Yakuza 2 (go play it and find out), Goda became a target for people trying to climb up the power ladder, and was always under attack. So to end his troubles, he decided to ask an old man named “Gun Smith” (clever name? LOL) to make his arm into a gatling gun.

After he got the arm, he wondered what he would be using it for and just like that, zombies start appearing and his arm basically paid itself off.

[Source: AndriaSang]


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  1. Centrale says:

    Pretty much what I decided to do, but disappointingly there are no zombies around here and it's becoming a real hassle to get through airport security.

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