Yakuza: Dead Souls announced for March 2012

SEGA have finally announced Yakuza spinoff, Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of the End, for America and Europe today. The game is dated for March 2012, following the same trend that the prior two Yakuza games set. There has been no words if SEGA will change the controls as one of their directors said prior to the announcement of this game. 

The game is set to bring back primary hero Kazuma Kiryu and Shun Akiyama and fans of the series can enjoy controlling Goro Majima and Ryuji Goda for the first time as zombies and mutants invade Tokyo and involves focus on guns for the first time in the series. Check after the break for the press release and for the boxart for Yakuza: Dead Souls.

Looks like Yakuza of the End is coming west as Yakuza Dead Souls

We have seen SEGA talk about Yakuza of the End before, they have said if it comes over it would have a new control scheme and title. It seems that it might come over after all, at least in Europe. The European Trademark has been filed by SEGA for Yakuza: Dead Souls, the logo is above.

I assume the game will come out sometime in 2012, so that means that SEGA officially has the best line up for 2012. Feels good being a SEGA fan.

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Daisuke Sato: “If SEGA localizes, there would be new controls”

Daisuke Sato, director for Yakuza 3 and SEGA’s up and coming Binary Domain, was asked how Yakuza: Of the End compares to Binary Domain and other Western shooters, he said;

“For the western version of Yakuza: Of the End — if that’s going to happen, then we will tweak the controls, to be closer to other western shooting franchises.”

It is best to keep in mind that this is not confirmation if Yakuza of the End will be coming out in Western markets but rather the changes that would be made to the title if it made it here especially as the control for the title is radically different to the establish norms of third person shooters in the West.

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SEGA-Sammy report net income loss of over $28 million

The first quarter of the year hasn’t been to kind to Japan and its video game industry. What with the tsunami and earthquakes that ravaged the lands. Its not that surprising seeing SEGA-Sammy post about losing revenue.

“During the first quarter of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012, some uncertainty prevailed in the Japanese economy due to various impacts in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake that took place on March 11, 2011, including the concern for the availability of parts and materials and the struggle to cope with the shortage of electricity supply which is now likely to be prolonged”

This means that operating their Japanese studios, pachinko slots and arcade buildings cost more than previously, thus where some loses come in. But what about SEGA, the consumer division?

SEGA promotes Yakuza of the End, gives out dates with hostess

[The unlucky ladies]

If you are like me, you probably aren’t very good at the hostess bits in the Yakuza games. Guess what? SEGA is giving you a chance to fail at attracting hostess in real life.

SEGA is teaming with Naimaga to give 30 fans one-on-one time with Erika Mizushima and Yuria Hayashida, two hostess from the game. The winners will be able to dine for 45 minutes with the girls.

Yes, SEGA will be paying for the beer and all you can eat edomame.
If you are from Japan and you think you have a chance. Enter here. Bottom has their in-game models.

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Yakuza of the End DLC pack has American themed Kazuma

Yakuza of the end is getting Patriotic DLC. Look at Kazuma Kiryu sport that sexy American flag as a shirt. America, fuck yeah. That is not all though, this fourth free pack will also feature a pirate themed Majima and even a Rambo Ryuji Goda.

Check out the pictures below. Come on SEGA America, how can you not port this game over now?

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Check out Yakuza: Of the End DLC

The first DLC for SEGA’s recently released Yakuza: Of the End has been announced. Japanese members can go directly to PSN to download three free costumes which range from; Shun Akiyama in a detective outfit, Goro Majima in a pirate outfit and Ryuji Goda sporting a commando look. Click after the break to see some more screenshots of the DLC in action.

SEGA in the Charts: Japanese sales 6 – 12 June 2011

Last week in Japan saw the release of the third spinoff title in the Yakuza series after its original delay way back in late March. With the Japanese market struggling for software sales, Yakuza: Of the End has helped lift the market somewhat, although the majority of the Japanese market remains dead. Continue to read on to see how well Kazuma’s latest adventure did.

Get drunk on some Yakuza of the End liquor

Yakuza 3, 4 and the PSP spinoff all had a liquor tie-in. Now it’s time for Yakuza of the End.

SEGA is once again teaming up with Sifuku Shuzo to bring you a special Yaukza-branded liquor bottle. This contains Seifuku Shikwasa flavor. Never heard of it, but it looks delicious.

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Yakuza of the End gets June 9th release date

Yakuza of the End was supposed to be released in March, but a huge earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan. You probably heard of it. What is SEGA to do? Release a game where zombies attack Japan and leave everything destroyed while actual tragedy has hit Japan?

SEGA did the right thing and delayed the game. Some people thought the game was going to join 2001’s Propeller Arena (a AM2 DC game not released because of 9/11) and never come out. Well it is, June 9th. Few changes, some of the profits from the game will go to help Japan and the first print has a sticker that says “Ryu ga Gotoku Ganbaro, Nippon!”

Ganbaro means to stay strong and Nippon translates to land of the rising sun, a nickname for Japan.

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Yakuza of the End copies snuck into retail

The delay for Yakuza of the End was pretty last minute, so much so that SEGA already shipped some copies of the game before it was cancelled. SEGA said they would be pulling shipped copies, but apparently some made it to their destination (pictured above). The retailer received 60 copies of the game, which they said they are sending back to SEGA.

Nagoshi updated his blog stating that the delay was hard on the team, they hard pride on knowing that they delivered every single Yakuza title without delay.

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Yakuza: of the End release date hits TBA status

[…Hm…yeah, I can understand why this might be an issue]

In a move that’s not all that surprising given the devastating earthquakes in Japan, SEGA has decided to move Yakuza: Of the End from its March 17th Japanese release date. No new date was given.

This is not a first for SEGA, who cancelled Propeller Arena’s release back on the Dreamcast due to the September 11th terrorist attacks. That game never saw release, a fate that hopefully won’t be shared by Yakuza: of the End.

Last year’s entry in the Yakuza series, Yakuza 4, a game which doesn’t involve a zombie apocalypse, will be releasing this week as planned in Western territories.

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Goro Majima’s story in Yakuza of the End…

It seems that poor Majima will be playing the ‘bitten hero’ in the latest Yakuza installment. After his eyes start to turn red, he starts to worry about himself becoming one of the undead. He tells Kazuma and Misuzu Asaki that he can no longer travel with the pair due to being bitten.

He then takes refuge with Daigo Dojima in a shopping mall in Kamuroco Hills. It’s a zombie game, of course there will be a mall somewhere! They then get rescued by homeless people (bum power) and run into the Florist of Sai. Where his journey takes him you will have to play the game to find out.

Also, this is how I also hold my shotgun for press renders.

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