All-Star Racing iOS Hands-On Videos

Courtesy of TouchArcade, The Appera and IntoMobile come a collection of hands-on Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing gameplay videos. The game looks quite impressive for an iOS title, especially one that seems to be for all platforms and not just the beefed up iPhone 4 and iPad. Despite being only a pre-alpha build, impressions have been positive!

After the break, check out two more videos featuring B.D. Joe in Tokyo-to, a look at Blizzard Castle and a tour of the menus.

[Sources: TouchArcade, The Appera and IntoMobile]


6 responses to “All-Star Racing iOS Hands-On Videos

  1. I wish SEGA had reps who knew the names of characters. "Guy from Jet Set Radio" and "Ryu" doesn't cut it.

  2. Grant360 says:

    Brilliant, personally I am not sure about the controls. The motion control is good but a virtual D pad would be a good optional extra. Like the article says its pre-alpha so a long way from finished 🙂

  3. Gagaman says:

    Grant: the 2nd video mentions that the game has (or will have) a virtual d-pad option so that's cool.

  4. ive seen some pretty awesome joysticks that suction cup to iPads and act as near perfect d-pads. They have ones that look like fight sticks and ones that look like analog pads.

    But yeah, this release is looking solid. Seems to be new rather than a DS port. Also, fantastic that they used the original music and not the midi versions from SASASR DS.

  5. Sharky says:

    This looks so much better then the DS game… I'm really suprised how well it looks.

  6. Grant360 says:

    NBA Jam gets the virtual pad right in my opinion. Sonic 4 wasn't bad actually but the spin dash too often was tricky to pull off.

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