SEGA in the Media: Mordecai & Rigby Play Master System

Regular Show was a pleasant little surprise in Cartoon Network’s slate of new shows last year. Featuring the kind of off the wall storylines and strange character designs not often seen in animation today, it is something I tune into every now and again. Perhaps the biggest surprise, though, was an easter egg even some SEGA fans would miss.

The two main characters were going on about a game called Dig Champs. I was expecting whatever game console they would probably show to either be a mainstream representation of old school gaming like the Atari VCS or NES. I was pleasantly surprised to see something totally different.

Was that a Master System? I rewound and paused it, and…indeed it was! They even got the simple look of the cartridge and the square shaped directional pad on the controller right! This wasn’t a one off reference either. The Master System is THE representation of home gaming in this show. In a recent episode that was chock full of old gaming references, including a big reference to a game the SEGA Master System is actually known for, Double Dragon, the characters actually got to fight a SEGA Master System come to life!

I’ll admit, I’m real happy to see this show give an under appreciated SEGA system a spot typically occupied by an NES. In a day and age when SEGA no longer has a system and is hardly the force in the media that it used to be, this reference is even more special. Show runners, why don’t you have Mordecai and Rigby upgrade to a SEGA Genesis next year! Eh? Eh?


4 responses to “SEGA in the Media: Mordecai & Rigby Play Master System

  1. Sega Uranus says:

    I freaked out when I first saw this a few months back. I tried to get George to post it even.

    Hilarious show, one of my favorites at the moment. Adventure Time went to shit so fast, Regular Show practically saved the network for me.

  2. Fallout911 says:

    This is just awesome.

  3. HA! Thats great! More forms of media need to stop using the SNES as the defualt retro console and show more SEGA love.

  4. g says:

    ha take that nintendorks

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