SEGA in the Media: The Price is Right for a Sega-Vision in 1977!

Way back in 2011, we featured an article on the Sega-Vision, a big screen projection TV sold to consumers in 1977. While a post I made at SEGA Memories detailed patent drawings from 1976, and our post in 2011 featured the commercial, today we have another bit from the Sega-Vision’s past! Courtesy of a reader named Matthew, I was linked to a YouTube upload of a full episode of The Price is Right taped on June 29, 1977, and guess what item appears? If you guessed the Sega-Vision, you’d be right – or is that the “Seega-Vision”? Unfortunately for our lucky contestant, she wasn’t so right. In fact, she was wrong and lost the item when it came to guessing the retail price. Thankfully, as SEGA fans we finally get to know the retail price of a Sega-Vision in 1977: $1,895.


2 responses to “SEGA in the Media: The Price is Right for a Sega-Vision in 1977!

  1. Centrale says:

    That would be $7,437.78 in 2014 dollars. Worth it, if you ask me. Let’s pool our funds and get one!

  2. RegalSin__ says:

    Everything from the 1970’s looks better. I mean seriously. We just need to “Cosmetically” make everything look that way. Everything was also made of sterner stuff. More material but it lasted longer for certain. Everything we have now; they say it will break in five years. I understand tubes will need replacing but look at the models of products compared to now. Only few have anything we could get from.

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