UK Resistance closes its doors

[1996 – 2011]

UK Resistance was a comedy site started by SEGA fan Commander Zorg. The site has a long history and was one of the sites that influenced me to start my own SEGA blog. You know, tap away at keys and bore you all.

UK Resistance has really been all over the place for awhile, but started off as a SEGA news and reviews site. Goodbye UK Resistance, you shall be missed. Why did the site shut down? Check out the video. Announcement is a bit too close to April 1st for my liking, might be a prank.

[Source: UK:R]


11 responses to “UK Resistance closes its doors

  1. F-D_M says:

    R.I.P. UK:Resistance.

  2. cube_b3 says:


  3. Centrale says:

    I thought this site was funny for a while, but after some time I was like… this isn't going anywhere good. It was sort of consumed in bitterness.

  4. crackdude says:

    I feel old. I had been following UK:R since I was a kid.

    I feel sad 🙁

  5. CosmicCastaway says:

    @ Centrale

    Yeah, I can't stand when sites are almost always negative and bitter like that. It's the main reason I stopped going to the Sonic Stadium, all the head people at that site are just so negative.

  6. Mengels7 says:

    I liked it until he started letting other people blog and they were just "haha look at the stupid shit sega put out today"

  7. Sharky says:

    The blog has been dead for a while now. The new bloggers are cheap imitations of the comedy gold Zerg and Jax used to come up with… The golden years for that blog were the twilight years of the Dreamcast and the following xbox, PS2 and Gamecube console generation.

    Fantastic stuff and I loved reading it.

    RIP UK Resistance, I honestly believed you'd never die!

  8. cube_b3 says:

    Hey… I am little more collected now.


  9. Awww… 🙁

    I'll miss them, they were one of the few blogs I checked daily. They also linked to the DCJY, which was special.

  10. Sega Uranus says:

    To be honest, I think they are kind of being whiny assholes with just randomly shutting it down and complaining that the industry does not fulfill THEIR needs. It is pretty silly really.

  11. cube_b3 says:

    Shut it Anus!

    The whole point of the Resistance was that the Industry didn't mean their needs, have you even read the Blue Sky Campaign?

    Also unlike other Sega Fanatics they weren't shy of poking fun at the absurdities SEGA or the Industry did in general.

    My top 3 posts (2 of which don't even involve SEGA:

    Tell me if what they said isn't true?

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