HappyConsoleGamer Discuss Their Dreamcast Memories

I’ve been subscribed to these guys on youtube for a while now and I always find them quite entertaining.

This episode they discuss their Dreamcast launch memories and I suspect many of us has a very similar experience. I know the Dreamcast was the golden age of gaming for me and provided my best gaming summer break at one of the most memorable times in my life with some of my best friends. Enjoy!


4 responses to “HappyConsoleGamer Discuss Their Dreamcast Memories

  1. CrazyTails says:

    That was a really nice atch

  2. Wow! Fantastic memories! Loved their stories.

    I recall buying my DC in November, 1999 with my birthday money. I think I got the system, controller and Sonic Adventure from Target. I got home and realized you needed a VMU! D'oh! So I played SA without saving all night, next day I bought the VMU, returned home and replayed the game. Great times. That same month we got a bigscreen TV and were in the process of moving, so the DC sat hooked up via S-video to the big TV on the living room floor among boxes.

  3. ShaunShikeishuu says:

    I remember getting mine for Christmas in 1999. Sonic Adventure was one of the games I got too and I remember asking for a VMU and instead got a third party memory card. The thing wouldn't even work, I'd play through a few levels of Sonic Adventure come back the next day and the file would be gone. I looked all over for a VMU but couldn't find any until I went to a GameStop and had to buy a Japanese one.

    Some of my best memories with the Dreamcast was the fact that I had my first job when it came out. So unlike with past systems I actually had the money to go buy a new game right when it came out. Currently I have over 50 games for the system which I think is more then any other console I own.

  4. matty says:

    I love these guys (shame people are starting to give them shit for not paying attention to "the community", but whatever).

    You got to listen to their podcast, All Gen Gamers. They sometimes talk all nasty and dirty, something I was hoping the direction the SegaBits Podcast would go…

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