SEGA releasing a new console named SEGAone? Nope

I’m surprised that I have to do this, but since this website is leading people to believe that SEGA has a new console, I have to actually do this. The site even made it to the front page of N4G.

First of all, the Sonic Adventure 3 logo is using the Japanese Sonic Unleashed logo. Actually the whole thing looks really badly photoshopped. But also if you look at who registered the domain, its not SEGA. Its someone who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Oops.

Don’t fall for stupid shit like this.

[Update] I wasn’t going to post the name of the person who registered it. But it seems he is a writer for the website “GameplayToday.” Here he is, with all his Starship Trooper love.

He updated the thread telling people that it will be his “SEGA site” and confirm the obvious, that its fake. Sorry, but if you are going to make a SEGA blog or site, don’t start off by using lies to promote it. [/update]


6 responses to “SEGA releasing a new console named SEGAone? Nope

  1. ribbitking17 says:

    hahah why would they be making a Starship Troopers game now?

  2. max_cady says:

    Now I know what reporters will ask Sega when E3 comes around…

  3. Clearly SEGA bought a warehouse full of HD-DVD cases and reappropriated them to be SEGAone cases.

  4. Mengels7 says:

    There were actually people who believed that picture? Seriously? *sigh*

  5. George says:

    Now another site posted the rumor, also made it to the front page. But this article saying it is false has been 'reported'. What is wrong with this world.

  6. Ha! Thanks Barry, was trying to remember where I've seen those cases before. That's it, HD-DVD.

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