If SEGA had to go console exclusive, which console would you choose?

SEGA used to have their own platform, their own console and ecosystem that a lot of SEGA fans still fondly remember. Since the death of the Dreamcast SEGA fans have been nomads, seeking SEGA software on other platforms and for some its a big investment to play all their favorite SEGA games.

I posed this question to our audience on Twitter and this is the results:

As a joke I added the Google Stadia, but I should have really added the PC as a platform.Quite frankly I still think the PC would have lost to Nintendo. Seems that a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog fans have had fond memories with the franchise on Nintendo hardware that it swayed the results in a predictable manner. I think SEGA fans worry about going exclusive with Nintendo because they aren’t known for pushing hardware like SEGA tries to do. I mean, the new Dragon Engine in Yakuza 6 is gorgeous and is up there with Capcom’s RE Engine and Square-Enix’s Luminous. 

But what is your take? What console would work out best for SEGA in your opinion and why? Let us know in the comments below.

Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX set to be released for Playstation 3 and PS Vita this fall!

The time has come as the French-Bread and Ecole-developed crossover fighting game, Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX, is set for a release this fall on Playstation 3 and PS Vita systems. A good opportunity to import the game as the Sony consoles are region-free.  

First released to arcades in Japan on March 18, it launched with eight playable characters, since adding four more playable and four more support characters. Details have yet to be announced, but the console version will have new contents. Hope to see at least few more SEGA characters and levels for the console release.

SEGAbits may have something planned for FIGHTING CLIMAX when it releases in Japan this fall so stay tuned for that!


Michael Pachter says 0% chance for SEGA/Apple console

Wait, people out there want something like this? Michael Pachter’s an infamous gaming analyst who has a show on Gametrailers called “Pach-Attack” where he answers readers’ questions. One of those questions happened to be what the chances were of a SEGA/Apple console.

Micheal Pachter opened it up by insulting SEGA’s content, saying that they have nothing ‘compelling’ to offer. Now I understand why users online keep on calling him a stupid fuck.

Isn’t this guy always wrong or does he just state the obvious? I assume more of the obvious with clueless comments. Only America would pay you for a job like this.

SEGA releasing a new console named SEGAone? Nope

I’m surprised that I have to do this, but since this website is leading people to believe that SEGA has a new console, I have to actually do this. The site even made it to the front page of N4G.

First of all, the Sonic Adventure 3 logo is using the Japanese Sonic Unleashed logo. Actually the whole thing looks really badly photoshopped. But also if you look at who registered the domain, its not SEGA. Its someone who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Oops.

Don’t fall for stupid shit like this.

[Update] I wasn’t going to post the name of the person who registered it. But it seems he is a writer for the website “GameplayToday.” Here he is, with all his Starship Trooper love.

He updated the thread telling people that it will be his “SEGA site” and confirm the obvious, that its fake. Sorry, but if you are going to make a SEGA blog or site, don’t start off by using lies to promote it. [/update]

SEGA not planning to re-enter hardware business

Believe it or not, this is not a real console.

You have probably already read all those rumors by Zach Morris, you know, those rumors that SEGA is going to re-enter the hardware business? Well, Mike Hayes says it is not true.

“Absolutely not. We’re a software company. We certainly won’t be getting back into hardware, that’s for sure.”

Though, even if it was true, you think he would let something this big slip? But obviously it isn’t true, Zach Morris has been making rumors up like this since SEGA went third party. Nothing to see here.

[Source: VG247]