Sonic facebook to have “something big” on April 7th

SEGA is now teasing people that Sonic’s Facebook is going to have something big, most likely on April 7th. Check out the tweets in their uncut glory below.

“There’s something big coming this week to the Sonic Facebook page”

“Sonic’s 20th Anniversary is this year, but SEGA start celebrating on 7th April and you’ll only find out how on the Sonic Facebook page!”

So what could this be? We will find out in 48 hours, no need to have a panic attack. Could this be a Sonic social game to make old school fans even more mad? We can only dream.


6 responses to “Sonic facebook to have “something big” on April 7th

  1. ShaunShikeishuu says:

    Cool the 7th is my birthday. Hopping for a good announcement to make my day.

  2. George says:

    The 9th is my birthday. Close enough.

  3. Supa says:

    Ha, I love the picture you included.

  4. ShadiWulf says:

    The picture is so true.

  5. cube_b3 says:

    What relationship tails and sonic are in?

  6. Essay says:

    Eh, I'd give it 'til April 6th. There's always a leak…

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