New Binary Domain trailer as title is delayed to 2012

The previous Binary Domain trailer left much to be desired from many who had high expectations for Yakuza and Monkey Ball series designer Toshihiro Nagoshi’s newest title, however SEGA have recently put together a new trailer for your enjoyment, the trailer has a lot less dialogue but focuses on more action this time round. It does a much better job at generating hype for the game than the intial trailer and showcases ingame gameplay, from certain vehicles you can control to the boss battles you will face throughout the game, the trailer also confirms that the game will be available early 2012, from its original release date of sometime in 2011.

[Special thanks to Suzuki Yu for the tip!]


16 responses to “New Binary Domain trailer as title is delayed to 2012

  1. George says:

    God. They about answered all my questions I had with the game… mostly. I still want to see more of the squad interactions. They were rather shit in the last trailer. But this one looked good.

  2. Sharky says:

    That looks bloody fantastic!

    I was worried about this game from the teaser… NO MORE!

    Now I'm hyped, it kind of reminded me of VANQUISH, I guess it is something to do with Japan and shooters but they have a similar look about them.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    + I'm on the same page guys, this is getting rather exciting.

    – Please, just don't rush it the facial animations could still use a little more work.

    + The music is totally SEGA

    – Picking up quite a few Vanquish vibes

  4. Sharky says:

    Oh so now if a game reminds you of a great game by a great company that you hate for some really stupid reason thats a negitive?

    Cube, what world are you living in.

  5. cube_b3 says:

    It will be a negative when it will lose points for originality and then a never ending comparison with Vanquish will start, though it has already started in the forums.

    I also picked up some HeadHunter Redemption vibes 😛

  6. TaroYamada says:

    Well, storyline looks trash, but I think the gameplay looks wonderful. Jet skis like Shinobi III BABY!

  7. -nSega54- says:

    So basically Vanquish 2, from this trailer.


  8. George says:

    Its nothing like Vanquish 2. Yes, the setting may seem like it… but its a slower paced squad shooter. Its like saying Rainbow Six games are the same as Quake games.

    More in terms that you will understand.. Its like saying Sonic and Mario are the same game.

  9. TaroYamada says:

    Lol, similar to Vanquish? Have any of you ever played Vanquish? This looks nothing like Vanquish. Vanquish parodied the space marine archetype, it was making fun of crappy stories in those types of games. This game appears to take that storyline, but treat it seriously.

    The gameplay is similar only in genre, it is much slower paced than Vanquish. That is apparent. There are a lot of futuristic third person shooters though, so this game is gonna need to differentiate itself somehow from the rest of the pack. Vanquish had the boost. This game, judging by this trailer, might have a lot of vehicle sections.

    These vehicle sections remind me of side scrolling beat em ups, so that's good. Hopefully everything turns out well for it. Lost Planet was another Japanese 3rd person shooter I really enjoyed, its' mechanic was the grapple, but its' controls were also very 'arcadey' and heavy feeling, I liked that.

  10. -nSega54- says:

    "This game appears to take that storyline, but treat it seriously."

    !?!!??!?! seriously? Have you seen the original trailer?

    Vanquish was ridiculously over-the-top and knew it. This game on the other hand is taking itself seriously but doesn't realize how ridiculous it is. This trailer doesn't have much in the way of dialogue, true, but that doesn't mean the previous trailer doesn't exist.

    "Its nothing like Vanquish 2. "

    The gameplay looks identical. That slide sequence looks like they just watched Vanquish and decided to copy it.

  11. TaroYamada says:

    That is what I am saying, Binary Domain games storyline looks crap. Vanquish was a parody.

    Also, the slide looks like a small part of a level or something. So something that could be ten minutes long makes this Vanquish 2? Give me a break.

  12. Pao says:

    "That slide sequence looks like they just watched Vanquish and decided to copy it."

    Sliding in Vanquish is a game mechanic, the guys at BD were just sliding on a slope. So, its probably a one-time sequence.

    The only similarities between the two games is that they are both TPS's that put you against Robots.

  13. CosmicCastaway says:

    This looks great and I'm excited to see that cover-based shooting has a minimal presence in the trailer. I definitely have a much higher interest in this title now. 😀

  14. -nSega54- says:

    I'm open to the idea that this game could be good but so far I'm not won over.

  15. Sharky says:

    The game looks fantastic, nSega you're to quick to judge. If there is one thing I can take away from Yakuza games is that Nagohsi's team know how to craft compelling and awesome stories with great characters from rather mundane real life situations. (Like Japanese crime thrillers set in present day Japan.)

    Just because it LOOKS like a 3rd person shooter and you shoot at robots like Vanquish doesn't mean it'll be anything like Vanquish. I suspect that it'll have a great storyline, interesting plot and characters.

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