Binary Domain – Story Trailer

The new trailer for SEGA’s squad based third person shooter, Binary Domain, has been released. In this trailer, we are shown the basic storyline of Binary Domain; as machines have started to blend in human society, to the point that they are carrying out terrorist attacks, a group of soldiers are dispatched to protect mankind from the machines. The trailer does not only focus on story and has moments of gameplay, ranging from battling giant bosses to your characters being cornered in a room with a horde of robots incoming as well as showing some of the locations the player will be visiting. Binary Domain is slated for February 2012.

[Thanks to Pao for the tip!]


13 responses to “Binary Domain – Story Trailer

  1. cube_b3 says:

    This looks extremely good, but the graphics are very concerning.

    Just like Duke Nukem Forever and we all know how that was reviewed.

  2. Pao says:

    ^ The graphics are extremely good!

  3. -nSega54- says:

    The graphics in cutscenes are good but in the actual game……eh. I've seen it running and it just to me doesn't look like a game coming out in 2012 should look, hate to say it. In 2008 it would have looked more impressive. If I were to describe the gameplay visuals I'd say it looks like Yakuza 3 but without the style….it's definitely running on that engine.

    I know it sucks to say this about a new internally-developed SEGA IP, which has been so uncommon lately, but I'm just not excited at all for this. :/ The gameplay graphics (which you only see a little of here) are bad and the character designs look like they were pulled from a mid-1990s lightgun shooter.

    Eh. Hopefully it surprises me like Vanquish did but so far I still haven't been won over.

  4. Sharky says:

    nSega likes graphics, I always wondered how he still enjoyed the Final Fantasy series! =D

    Anyway, I think the story sounds awesome, gameplay looks great the weapons pack a punch for once and the whole trust/AI and Voice command system is original.

    I have no doubt Nagoshi will deliver a good game and an even better story.

  5. Aki-at says:

    I do not recall any games from the 90s that had a built muscular looking girl?

    Anyway I think the storyline could be quite good (Voice acting aside) and graphically the game does look quite nice, good to see there are going to be a number of large boss fights (Although I am hoping the big white one does not appear too many times, that's the third time we've seen him!) and I'm interested in the locales, that bar has been shown in a previous trailer as a level, so hoping for a wide range of locations.

    Funny how this game went from off my radar to right back on it.

  6. -nSega54- says:

    "nSega likes graphics, I always wondered how he still enjoyed the Final Fantasy series! =D "

    Because they always have good graphics, hahaha.

    Nah, kidding. Dude I don't obsess over graphics by any stretch of the imagination…Wii is my system of choice this gen 😉 but this game looks pretty dated when you're playing it.

    Like I said, I feel bad that I'm not more excited about this game. But I'm also interested to see how it's going to sell. It looks like it's aiming for Western appeal, yet the voice acting is bad, the visuals are a lot worse than Western gamers are used to seeing, and the gameplay feels downright weird at times.

    At the E3 demo you pick your character and then literally are dropped into a level, and then the characters just stand around talking FOREVER. Not a cutscene or anything, just standing around motionless talking with you having no control, (till you get to a dialogue choice) can't even move your character. I know Nagoshi's promised tons and tons of dialogue, but I hope most of it is better integrated into the game than that.

    Even the name's pretty bland. For Nagoshi's sake I hope *somebody* buys it, because I really do want to see new IP from SEGA (and his studio, especially.)

  7. Pao says:


    [b]"I’ve seen it running and it just to me doesn’t look like a game coming out in 2012 should look, hate to say it. In 2008 it would have looked more impressive."[/b]

    That's cool, but not everyone agrees with you:

    [b]"But where Binary Domain stands out amongst other titles is in its production values (the game seriously looks good)"[/b]

    [b]"Watching Binary Domain and playing it myself I was definitely happy with the product that Sega is crafting so far. Featuring some really impressive graphics (seeing the shell fall off a robot is really cool) and combat that is fast yet has a good amount of strategy, Binary Domain has the makings to be an absolute hit." [/b]

  8. -nSega54- says:

    Well, everyone has their own opinion, I s'pose. Going just by what I saw, though, I just wasn't impressed. Vanquish I thought looked a lot better and much more stylish, too.

  9. Suzuki Yu says:


    i didn't play the game of course but i can easily tell this game is using totally new and advanced engine compared to Yakuza. this game can't run like this using the yakuza engine!

    in Yakuza games the cutscenes were pre-rendered but in this i can't see any downgrade between the in-game footage and cutscene, the lightning alone is simply amazing and one of the best I've seen in any game, even the animations thankfully are tons better than Yakuza, i am even more hopeful now for next Yakuza game because it could possibly benefit from the technologies they've been using in this game.

    Nagoshi himself said they built totally new internal engine for this game, and he replied to famitsu that they didn't name it yet.

  10. -nSega54- says:

    This game definitely has some nifty special effects and cool stuff like that, don't get me wrong, but the look overall seems rather outdated, especially to other games coming out in 2011/2012. You'll see whenever you play it or when we get a trailer with more gameplay than cutscenes.

    Again, I'm not saying that it's "the worst-looking game ever made," or anything like that. I'd say the visuals are pretty standard, (the same way I felt about Yakuza 4's visuals, though that was an open world game; this is not,) and not really what I expect from a top-notch development studio like Amusement Vision.

  11. cube_b3 says:

    I don't understand why people are in denial towards the graphics maybe cause expectatioins associated with graphics are so insanely high these days.

    Anyway the previews for Duke Nukem Forever were extremely positive all of a sudden the full version of the game looked dated, played dated and sounded dated.

    We are going to enjoy this game no matter what, but I doubt the main stream gamer they want to target will, cause to them the graphics reallyu do suck.

    Personally I still think the original Condemned is beautiful to look at and it's sequel is even better.

  12. CrazyTails says:

    The graphics look good imo

  13. Aki-at says:

    It has nothing to do with delusions when many previews, hand on feedback and people from this very blog have commented on the game having nice graphics.

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