Yakuza Week at SegaBits!

Today is the first day of a very special week, (My week starts on a Thursday, deal with it!) The next 7 days will from this point on, officially be known as Yakuza Week! I’ve informed the Queen of England, the President of America and Colonel Gaddafi.

Each day this week I’ll write an article about my favorite things Yakuza 4 has to offer and why (if you haven’t already) you should go out and pick this game up right away!

Why? Well, because the Yakuza series is one of my favorite videogame series of all time, is criminally underrated (lol pun) and it should be one of yours too.

Not to mention Sega have generously donated us all these awesome prizes to give away! To win all you have to do is follow SEGAbits on twitter and we’ll pick winners at random! (Prize details coming up shortly!)


3 responses to “Yakuza Week at SegaBits!

  1. Shigs says:

    Yakuza is awesome!!!

    When I'm not beating up punks and body-slamming their backs onto bike railways (ouch), I'm attending to my gals at my Hostess Club, Play the arcade/crane machines at Club Sega, taking batting practice, going bowling, fishing, or singing karaoke. There's just so much to do! I'm ten hours in and less than halfway through chapter 2.

  2. Autosaver says:

    Good job to the person who did the theme! It looks awesome!

  3. matty says:

    Thank you. This will take my mind off that goddamn royal wedding.

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