YAKUZA WEEK – DAY 2: Of Heat and Content

Akiyama’s in heat!


Today we have just 1 give-away but it’s a good one!
Today one lucky winner will nab 1 copy of Yakuza 4 signed by YAZ and 1 copy of the Yakuza 4 art book.

All you have to do to have a shot at winning these awesome prizes is follow us on twitter, CLICK HERE follow SEGAbits and retweet this message;
“RT Follow @SEGAbits – YAKUZA WEEK – DAY 2 – CONTEST! Retweet to win Yakuza prizes. Info: http://www.segabits.com/?p=11942 “

We’ll pick a winner at random!
If you don’t win, don’t fret, there will be another chance tomorrow!

Day 1 winners:
Of the Yakuza branded bowl & Game – Hibikirush
Of the Art book & Chopsticks – D12W

Congratulations guys!

Why you should own this game, Day 2 – Reason 2:
There is just SO MUCH content.

Have you ever wondered if the price you are paying for the game is worth the content you’re getting? I know I often do. A good game is a good game but I’d like to be kept satisfied for at least 10 hours.

If there is one game that doesn’t skimp on content it is Yakuza 4. There is just so much to do. Beside the main, crime thriller storyline you can do multiple mini games including golf, baseball batting cages, gambling, fishing and many more.

Not only can you waste your money dating the lovely ladies of the game, brining them gifts, buying them food and saying all the right things to see where you can take the relationship. You can even run the hostess clubs where guys pick them up! Design the bar and even dress the woman how you like em!

Not only that there is the battle cage, an underground ‘flight club’ style arena where you fight other hard nuts in brutal battles to see who’s the best. Again, you can even become a trainer and coach fighters; you help them become the best!

If that wasn’t enough, there are the seemingly endless amounts of side missions you can take.

There is so much bang for your buck that most people I know who have played it say that they can be 20 to 40 hours into the game and only on chapter 3 or 4 and many find out that when they finish the story mode they’ve still only completely 30% of the games content.

Do yourself a favor and look at our side bar, over there on the right. We’ve made it easy for you to buy! Just click on that BUY NOW button!


4 responses to “YAKUZA WEEK – DAY 2: Of Heat and Content

  1. Autosaver says:

    I love how you guys are promoting this game. I also love how Sega gave you free stuff to encourage people to buy the game. This is one of the best things any publisher has done in a while to market their games.

    Thank you SegaBits for all your effort!

  2. Sharky says:

    Yeah, it's great. I'd be happy to do this more often.

    Phantasy Star Online 2 week? Sonic Generations Week? Binary Domain week?

    Valkyria Chronicles on HD consoles again week? Shining Force that doesnt suck week?

    … Jet Set Radio 2? Skies of Arcaida 2? Panzer Dragoon? Shenmue 3 week!!!

  3. bdavid81 says:

    Yakuza 3 is great, but I've been so strapped for hours/cash with my unreliable job that I haven't picked up Yakuza 4 just yet. I really wish more games like this would come to North America/UK. Yakuza is definitely one of the best foreign titles out there.

    Anyhow, thanks for the contest SegaBits, and thanks to SEGA for supporting you.

    @Sharky – JSR2 and Skies of Arcadia 2 would be the best announcements for this decade… especially Skies… HUGE fan!

  4. Sharky says:

    Yes indeed bdavid! I absolutely love those games too!

    I hope you can pick up Yakuza 4 soon, it is awesome the best game in the series!

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