Yakuza Week – Day 6 of Ultimate beat downs… and Fishing

Not for the squeamish!


Today is the final give away and we have two great prizes for you to win!
PRIZE 1: Yakuza 4 Game (Signed by YAZ) & Yakuza 4 Art Book
PRIZE 2: Yakuza branded Bowl + Yakuza branded Chopsticks

All you have to do to have a shot at winning these awesome prizes is follow us on twitter, CLICK HERE follow SEGAbits and simply retweet this message;
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We’ll pick a winner at random!

Day 5 winners are:

You’ve both won a set of Yakuza branded chopsticks and a Yakuza branded bowl!


Why you should own this game – Day 6 –Reason 6

There are no other games like it! Yakuza is a one of a kind game, in fact it is a game made up of multiple games. Besides the fantastic main story driven game you can easily spend hours doing the sub-games found all over the city. Be it running the Hostess bar, training your fighters or heck even just playing darts or in the batting cage. There is even an arcade in the game where you can play slot machines, claw machines and a Shoot-em-up! Every game is fleshed out and a full game in its own right.

If there is one game that is close to Yakuza, it’s the master piece that is Shenmue and even then they are worlds apart.

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One response to “Yakuza Week – Day 6 of Ultimate beat downs… and Fishing

  1. matty says:

    Papa needs a new pair of chopsticks…

    I just got into the Taiga chapter. I love throwing pooyoos down.

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