Yakuza Week – Yakuza 4 Video Review!

Our friends over at SegaShiro have made this very informative and entertaining Yakuza 4 video review. If you are still on the fence whether to buy or not to buy I suggest giving this a watch.

[Source: SegaShiro]


4 responses to “Yakuza Week – Yakuza 4 Video Review!

  1. Vinny D. says:

    Do you think I will still enjoy the game having skipped the first 3 games? Or should I go back and play them all? (Really just feel like buying the the newest one, but want a good idea of what I'd miss out on..)

  2. CrazyTails says:

    hmm, every game has a reminisce option where you get a summary of each game… but i would reccomend actually playing them. That way stuff that you'll find out in connection to the previous installments, will have a much larger impact on you.

    I think this is especially the case in yakuza 4 in connection to 3.

  3. Sharky says:

    Vinny, Great questions, So good in fact I already anticipated it and answered it in my 'Yakuza Week – Day 1 article!

    To read my indepth post go here:

    But if you want the (semi) short answer;

    YES! You can actually jump into this series at any point. Each game has a self contained story with beginning and end. If you are one of these people that like to know the back story, Yakuza 4 has you covered with extensive videos recapping the previous games events!

    In fact bar Yakuza 1, Yakuza 4 is probably the next most logical place to jump in as it introduces 3 new character stories.

    So yeah, fantastic game go for it!

  4. Vinny D. says:

    Doh! I'm sorry I missed that. Thanks for the replies 🙂

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