SEGA Japan contest giving away Sonic Mania art by Ken Sugimori of Pokemon fame

SEGA Japan’s Sonic Channel is holding a pretty awesome contest giving away original artwork by Ken Sugimori (known for Pokemon, art director at Game Freak). According to SEGA Japan’s tweet it will be given to someone on twitter and they did link to this write-up with Ken Sugimori giving his impressions on Sonic Mania and its features. I do love the ending where he asks SEGA to do a ‘Space Harrier Mania‘, ‘Phantasy Star Mania’ and ‘Altered Beast Mania’. Hey, I wouldn’t complain if SEGA had a Retro line of older games coming back like Sonic Mania.

Sonic Twitter launches poll to vote for favorite Sonic game feature, we all vote for Chao Gardens

The Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has launched a new poll asking fans ‘Which was your favorite feature from pas Sonic games?’ with the ability to answer:

  • Time Attack Mode
  • Customizable Character
  • Chao Gardens
  • 2P Competition Mode

Guess what is winning at the moment by a overwhelming margin? Chao Gardens, a feature that hasn’t been in a Sonic the Hedgehog game since Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast (OK, it was in Sonic Chronicles, but does that even count?). Who would have thought that Sonic Team might be a bit out of touch with its fanbase. Who knows what will come out of this poll, hopefully a Chao Gardens return in the next game.

Official English Yakuza and Puyo Puyo accounts for social media live

puyo puyo yakuza social media

Well this is a surprise! SEGA has made a lot of announcements and we’re expecting releases of games like Puyo Puyo Tetris and Yakuza 0. But are you worried that you might get lost in the sudden torrent of announcements? SEGA has got your back, as now there are official social media accounts for Puyo Puyo and Yakuza. Not only are these designed to promote upcoming games like the aforementioned Puyo Puyo Tetris and Yakuza 0, but also the respective franchises in general, possibly for future announcements.

If you want to show your support, please follow these accounts to stay updated with both franchises, and maybe for the occasional fan engagement.

Puyo Puyo


Madeon & SEGA collaborating on a “new Sonic game trailer”


We have information that a new trailer is in the works and that licensed music will be used from Madeon, whether it’s for the new Sonic game constantly teased or something related to Sonic Boom Fire & Ice. Either way, the official Twitter for popular French musician Madeon and Sonic the Hedgehog accounts have talked about using Madeon’s music in a Sonic trailer. The exact context though is ambiguous, such as which song from Madeon or for what game.

SEGA Twitter account teases “Still Thinking” – Could more Nintendo 3DS themes be on the way?

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.59.23 PM

During and since the transition to Southern California (to possibly the Atlus USA offices), SEGA of America has played it pretty safe on social media. Typically we’d only see press releases and links to trailers and announcements, but today the SEGA Twitter account shared a 14 second video of the SEGA Genesis “Welcome To The Next Level” logo accompanied by the Dreamcast hardware startup sounds and the Western Saturn startup jingle and the text “Still Thinking”. Would could SEGA be teasing?

While we’re merely speculating, it’s possible that new Nintendo 3DS themes are on the way featuring Western SEGA Dreamcast, Saturn, and Genesis/Mega Drive sounds and images. We know that SEGA of Japan released their own collection of console inspired 3DS themes, and later the US got Fantasy Zone and Space Harrier themes. We also know that SEGA of America staff expressed interest in bringing more themes – like the hardware ones – to the West, but noted that they would have to be localized as they were region specific in design.

Of course it is also possible it is a tease of something bigger, but let’s keep expectations in check.

Update: The letters in the video light up to spell “THEME”. I think it is safe to say that Dreamcast, Saturn, and Genesis themes are on the way to the Nintendo 3DS!

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SEGA on PC ports: “So many games, so little time! Stay tuned.”

A couple of years ago a ton of SEGA fans started up the #SEGAPCPorts hashtag and petition demanding for SEGA to release more of its games on their platform of choice. It seemed to have worked since we got surprises like “new” title The Typing of the Dead: Overkill and last year we got the fantastic port of Valkyria Chronicles.

Since the last PC port happen last year and we got a new restructure in April, a fan decided to ask SEGA if they where still doing PC ports:


Yu Suzuki’s Twitter Q&A Part 2: Shenmue 3 in-game footage won’t be shown until 2017

Last time Yu Suzuki was answering fan questions on twitter, I searched his twitter to find all the questions and answers to give them to you. This time, someone on Shenmue Dojo beat me to it. So you can check out the answers questions here or hit the jump for the complete transcript.

Some of the interesting bits includes a sketch of Akira in  High School from the cancelled Virtua Fighter RPG, Saying that we won’t see in-game footage of Shenmue 3 until 2017, and even confirmed that the game will be based on reality, unlike what that Shenmue Online trailer lead us to believe.

Yu Suzuki’s Twitter Q&A: Check out our complete transcript

One of the issues with the Shenmue 3 KickStarter is that many people felt like there wasn’t enough details on the project. Unsurprisingly fans had a million questions for legendary game developer Yu Suzuki, thankfully Yu has tried to answer fan questions. First was in a form of a live Twitch chat, that didn’t go so smoothly (which he has apologized for).

Now he has taken to Twitter and allowed users to ask him any question, all you have to do is use the tag: #YouAskYu and the response was outstanding. But what did we learn from this? We gathered some of the best answers and posted them after the break!

Contest: Share your Crazy Taxi memories to enter to win a Crazy Taxi City Rush iPhone case!

Hey hey! Come on over, share your memories of Crazy Taxi!

In collaboration with SEGA, we’re giving away some super slick Crazy Taxi City Rush iPhone 5/5s cases! To enter, all you have to do is:

  • follow SEGAbits on Twitter
  • Tweet a Crazy Taxi memory – it can be from any moment in time and involve any of the Crazy Taxi games on any platform (arcade, console, handheld, mobile) – your tweet must include the hashtag #CrazyTaxiMemories
  • That’s it! You’ve entered to win a Crazy Taxi City Rush iPhone case!

So tweet your Crazy Taxi memories today! Multiple entries are accepted. The top three entries, as selected by our writers, will win. Contest ends April 30th. Good luck, and as always be creative!

Ryuta Ueda leaves SEGA after 19 years of service

Ryuta Ueda leaves SEGA after 19 years of service. While at SEGA he contributed to some masterpieces including being the chief graphic designer for Jet Set Radio, enemy art designer for Panzer Dragoon Orta and  he also worked on the Yakuza series.

Ryuta Ueda shared the news via his Twitter account this morning and as you know, he is going to be missed; the art design behind the Jet Set Radio series was totally ‘Next Level’.

EDIT: According to Hideki Naganuma, Ueda left SEGA on March 31st.

So, what is your favorite game that Ryuta Ueda worked on? 

Bayonetta director calls Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale a Smash Bros rip-off

Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya tells it how he sees it and this time its a shot at Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, a mash up fighter. If you guys have been following the game, it takes ‘Playstation’ greats and puts them together in 2D view fighting game that looks basically like Super Smash Bros. Kamiya doesn’t seem to like the idea of the game.
What do you guys think? Rip off or not?

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Most of you are probably seeing this and talking about how we sold out to the social media trends. But lets be honest, wouldn’t you want to have random SEGA nostalgia pictures daily on your phone? I know most people use Instagram to show off what they are eating or what they are wearing, not us. We are sharing some interesting SEGA pictures. You love interesting SEGA pictures, don’t you?

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Contest: Tweet and win a Sonic related shirt from Insert Coin Clothing

Today we are giving one lucky twitter follower a Sonic related t-shirt from Insert Coin Clothing. You can either pick the bright blue Team Sonic shirt or be a bad guy with the Eggman inspired t-shirt. I have to say, that Eggman shirt sure does look nice. So how do you enter and win one of these bad boys? Simple, follow us and retweet the message below:

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