YAKUZA WEEK – DAY 1: Of Underwear Theft and Contests!

Video of the Day: Yakuza 4 Revelations – Essence of Triple Strike

Why you should own this game, Day 1 – Reason 1: There isn’t a bad time to jump in!

Every time a new Yakuza game is about to release I see the same question cropping up in every forum I visit; ‘Can I buy this game now or do I have to play the series from the start to understand the storyline?’

You can jump in RIGHT AWAY; Each Yakuza game has its own story arc with a beginning and an end. If you don’t care to know about the series history you can play right off the bat and you won’t feel lost at all.

However if you are one of those kinds of people who just needs to know all the history of the game and the characters, Yakuza 4 has you covered. At the start of every Yakuza sequel so far there’s the chance to ‘reminisce’, which is a fancy way of saying ‘watch videos of the events of the previous games’ and they go really in-depth too!

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Prize 1: A Yakuza 4 Branded Bowl & Yakuza game signed by YAZ
Prize 2: A Yakuza 4 Art Book & Yakuza 4 branded chopsticks

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We’ll pick a winner at random!

If you don’t win, don’t fret, we’re here all week!


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  1. TheIrishNinja says:

    Aw man, awesome! Didnt even know there was as art book, but all of this sounds cool…done and done!

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