SEGA developing 7th Dragon sequel, this one on PSP

1up reports, via Famitsu, that Imagepoch is developing a sequel to the DS RPG 7th Dragon, which never saw release in North America. Called 7th Dragon 2020, the follow-up is looking to take place in a futuristic version of Tokyo, a contrast to the original game’s more medieval style. The game is said to feature a revamp in art direction and character design, and will supposedly release this year.

SEGA will once again be publishing it, though since they never localized the first 7th Dragon, chances of the West getting this one seem pretty slim.

Check out the official site.



3 responses to “SEGA developing 7th Dragon sequel, this one on PSP

  1. George says:

    Especially on the PSP, which doesn't have a large fanbase in the US and the fanbase it does have rather pirate it.

  2. matty says:

    Sega doesn't seem to like localize some of the good shit. It's not like this will break the bank to do so, right? We already didn't get Project Diva, and now that Miku is making some head way into the U.S. by other means, Sega already missed that boat.

    7th Dragon looked like a promising game. It had a solid team behind it, so hopefully NISA will come to rescue again trying to pick this one up, like they did with Neptunia, Sakura Wars, etc.

  3. -nSega54- says:

    It's interesting because SEGA localized Sands of Destruction, this developer's other RPG, so it's weird that this one didn't make the cut.

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