SEGA Japan hinting at more Saturn ports?

Look closely at the Japanese Guardian Heroes website url. Notice how it starts with a ‘SS’, what could this stand for? The obvious? SEGA Saturn. Why would they format a URL like that for a one off title?

This could possibly mean that SEGA is most likely planning on releasing more than one SEGA Saturn title on digital services. I mean, why not? They are already doing Dreamcast releases and overdo SEGA Genesis. Seems like the smart choice.


7 responses to “SEGA Japan hinting at more Saturn ports?

  1. VyseLegend says:

    Good call.

  2. Good find! I'd love to see them release rarer games, just to knock down the resale prices. Astal would make for a great release!

  3. I hope someone at SEGA figures they can port the PS2 version of NiGHTS and the Xbox port of Panzer Dragoon. Want.

  4. Sharky says:

    There are a tidy number of fantastic Saturn games that really need to return!

  5. Star Platinum says:

    I bet they release Radiant Silvergun in the near future. It would only make sense since they're working with Treasure again.

  6. George says:

    Treasure has already announced Radiant Silvergun for XBLA (Microsoft is publishing) at the last TGS.

  7. Hopefully Microsoft Studios has Radiant Silvergun at E3, that way SEGA would be next door with their Guardian Heroes demo. Two Saturn rereleases in the same area!

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