Virtua Tennis 4 – Gameplay Trailer

That boat stage is absolutely beautiful, very blue, very Sega.

I stand by what I’ve said time and time again; there is no better tennis series than Virtua Tennis! Whilst VT2009 kind of dropped the ball. (Pun, lol) the other games in the series have all been really very good, including the amazing Dreamcast games and VT:World Tour on the PSP.

Virtua Tennis 4 is just as good, if not better! The world tour mode has been revamped and is really something special, and whilst the Kenect controls are a bit hit and miss, the Move controls are perfect and beat Top Spin’s efforts hands down.

Then there is the always welcome, always great fun mini games that for someone like me who isn’t a big fan of tennis add so much to the package and is fun to play with the girlfriend and family.


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  1. Very possible that this will arrive in the mail today, cannot wait! Looking forward to trying out the Kinect with it.

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