More Shinobi on the Horizon?

Someone over at Neogaf has uncovered some pretty interesting news! In this profile for Branden Brushett, one of the environment artist at developer Griptonite Games, he lists Shinobi 3DS as one of the games he has worked on.

Under Brandens Experiences, the top listed experience is;
’Shinobi 3DS, and an Unannounced title’

Pretty cool right? Well, maybe… Looking at Griptonite’s track record I wouldn’t blame any Shinobi fan for hopping off the hype train. They’re a license game developer first and foremost.

But all hope is not lost. MOST of their games are ‘me too’ games which come out along side bigger, higher budget titles. Could this mean there is a Shinobi revival on the horizon? I sure hope so, but if this turns out to be the only upcoming Shinobi game, can I have permission to be pissed off?

A lot of Sega fans have a soft spot for Shinobi and to see the series in the hands of Griptonite who have a very mixed, lower end track record is a bit of a worry. I hope Sega knows what they are getting themselves into if this turns out to be a horrible decisions like the atrocious reboot of Golden Axe… Here’s hoping for a fantastic Shinobi game both from these guys and a HD of the Shinobi series!

[Credit to: Superannuation]


One response to “More Shinobi on the Horizon?

  1. cube_b3 says:

    Okay using that fan art ain't nice.

    It was misleading, making me think it is made by Overworks.

    Remember prior to making Golden Axe, Secret Level handled ports.

    I had a bad feeling as soon as I read it, given that the PS2 games are my favorite games on the system, and I am a patron of In-House development I am the opposite of excited after hearing this news.

    If the game had to be outsourced couldn't it be outsourced to whatever studio Obah is heading?

    Me, Sad.

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